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Hi everyone. My name is Gurcharan Kaur and have retired 4 months ago. I live in Selayang. Have 2 children who are working. For the time being enjoying being a full time housewife.

Previously I was working in a Construction company. Almost 15 foreigner's visas has been cancelled due to company's bankruptcy. Company didn't pay compound fee against the foreign workers to immigration. Currently I have an offer from a different company and they are willing to sponsor my Visa but my current visa status is cancelled since two months. Can someone please explain what will be the results, whether my new employer can successfully do employment pass for me or not? Offer letter already been issued to me and they know situation too.

Hi everyone, I am Ahnantha, digital product manager from IME RIA money remittance, based in Malaysia Q sentral. If anyone needs online money remittance service. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you


Since your current visa is cancelled, think u r in illegal status unless u r on special pass. In this case, mostly you need to exit country and apply visa from your country with the offer letter and new company visa calling letter which is issued from immigration.
Talk to your new company and seek for their help and to sort it out.

Hope this helps.


Hello good people,

I am Surya from India and been living here since 8 years. I stepped in here as Software engineer and gradually, opened my own firm "Aalok Technologies Sdn Bhd" located at Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur and which is in to IT services and solutions. *****
Have a nice day and nice stay here.


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Welcome Pia looking forward :)

I speaks multi languages such as English, Mandarin,Japanese,Vietnamese,Tamil,Malay,Hokkien & Cantonese.
Been working Japanese manufacturing industry for 23 years & 4 years as foreign expatriate in Vietnam as manufacturing Production Manager.

I have recently moved to Kuala Lumpur from Abu Dhabi , UAE. I lived in  UAE for 20 years. I am an IT professional. I have 3 kids and looking for making some friends here. I am originally from  India.

Hello I am Pramo
I'm living in Kl

My name is Pramo
Living in Kuala Lumpur . As a profession, I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Hi all, I am living in Penang, and I am a steel structure & metal roofing system specialist engineer cum business person.

Nice to meet you all.

Hi Sandeep,  welcome to malaysia. I am sure you will love it.  Do feel free to contact me if you need any help. Am a Malaysian of Punjabi origin.

Hi Gursharan, nice to meet you. I too live close to Selayang in Batu cave area. Maybe we can connect.

Welcome to Malaysia. Do feel free to contact me if you need any information or help. I am a Malaysian of Punjabi origin.

Hi Umesh, welcome to Malaysia. I am sure you will love it. Unfortunately, am not able to assist you although I am a Malaysian as I am in KL. However, if you are ever in KL and need any information or assistance, do feel free to connect.

Welcome to KL !

Hi everyone. I am Kevin from Indonesia. Currently working as a IT Project Engineer in Klang area. I am married to a Malaysian. Spouse's a Sarawakian.
Looking for assistance in settling in Malaysia and better career path, as I am on Employment Pass (EP) category 3 right now.

Hope to see more out of this in the next few years to come!

Hi. I'm shandy from KL, I grad from US Missouri Columbia in 97, would like to know American expat in Malaysia, missed those time in Univ USA. I also love ipoh for every reason haha glad u like Malaysia. They're more to explore. Do keep up

Hi glad u guys love the life of Malaysia, I've 5 doggies too so I used to bring them to some dog friendly park. Salute ur volunteer works for the 4paws org, such a kind deed. Keep in touch.

Hi all!

Im currently working in a company in KL.  My current company isn’t willing to give me NOC with a grudge that I resigned.

But they gave NOC to few employees in my project.

Is this right? Is there someone to whom we can complain?

Please help!

Hi. They have the right to not to issue the NOC. If at all they have issued to others may be based on some criterion. Also, it is difficult prove that they have give to others and they have issued to them with some criterion in place within the organization such as completion of a one contract etc. The only way out in such cases is to go ahead with cancellation EP from them, exit and need reapply from new employer. Best

hello All ,

I am going to sign offer for the job in Malaysia.
Can i get the information related to living cost .
What is the rent of 1bhk flat?
What is the food cost for family?
Which month school Admission starts ?
What will be the start date of school and timings?
What is fees for KG1 and Class -V ?
Can we pay the fees on monthly installment ?

So that we will plan it.
warm regards
Vijay Bhagat

the name is Lassaad. I work in large ERP like software implementation (IT services)

I am in contact with a Malaysian company for  an opportunity in KL.

Hi all,

I'm Ariel from Singapore. Relocated to JB in Nov 2019. Hope to meet some new friends in JB.

Hi, I'm Skylar. I've been living abroad and will returning home to Penang soon. I've been used to the lifestyle in Melbourne and I would like to bring some of the things that I've been enjoying here back home. I want to organise events that may interest expats such as Tabletop RPG and Alternative music gigs. I'm here to see if there's such demand,


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