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Hello All,

I'm new in Malaysia and have been looking for job opportunity in Malaysia.

Can I get some leads or assistance in finding a job here please?
I have 7 years of work experience in customer facing roles with very less exposure to IT skills.

Would like to know what are the scopes of landing a job after AWS entry level certification in KL, for someone who wants to change a domain ans is a newbie in IT.

And what other IT roles or jobs are most in demand in Malaysia. Kindly advise.


There will be no jobs in I T for foreigners without experience. Software engineering is where most positions are available. Entry level just does not qualify for an employment pass. Better to continue in applying for customer facing roles ie call centres, where experienced.

So are there jobs in CS available ? Are the companies willing to hire expats and if yes, what CS skills are required?

Hi thanks for inviting me.
My name is Mandeep and will be shifting to KL from June this year.
Am exploring schools in KL for my kids.
Can someone guide me please.

HI.  I am considering a job in Miri, Sarawak at Curtin University.  Moving from America is gonna be a logistical challenge.  And my wife will need a job.  She is a pharmacist.  First question is whether I should take the job.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Spent a week in Malaysia and loved it but one week is a lot to base moving full time to a new country.  So please let me know any thoughts.

I think your wife mayl find it difficult to get a job as a pharmacist as there is usually no shortage of qualified local Malaysians to do the job. Doctors tend to be dispensing physicians here. Checking job portals will give a better picture of the Mrii job market

any information on life for an expat would also be appreciated.

Thank you for the response. I did not think my previous post went through so I reposted.

Hi there.

I'm from the West Coast (best coast) of the U.S. and just moved to KL for work.
Eventually looking for friends to do outdoor activities like shopping, hiking, snorkeling, tennis? beach going.

If anyone knows of a good place to find vintage clothes and collectibles, please let me know!



My name is Lin. 

I am living in Penang at the moment having got a job as an English teacher   I desperately need accommodation short to long term.

I was born in Malaysia and went to Uplands School, Penang so am familiar with and love life in Malaysia. 

I would like to integrate into the community so any help with accommodation or events I can go to so that I can meet the community if ex-pats and locals would be greatly appreciated.

Hey Senkoya,

Will keep in touch with you when I am down to Ipoh.
It's my hometown  :heart:


Hii guys I am shafii from Mauritius I want to move to work

How should I proceed

Look for a job to get a Professional Employment Pass*
Apply for Malaysia my Second Home visa
Set up a business (with paid up capital sufficient to qualify for a Pass while having relevant skills)

*Minimum requirements
  Degree +3 years relevant experience
  Diploma +5 years relevant experience
  Certificate +7 years relevant experience

Very few work categories employ foreigners. Malaysia is not like the middle East as it has an active local workforce

Hi everyone.

I m Noor. I lives in Kuala Lumpur.

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Thanks Julien.
Any upcoming get together for expats??


Hi all,

I'm an Indian-American. I recently got the MM2H visa and came to Penang 10 days ago. I plan to live 6-7 months every year in Penang. I'd love to meet people and attend social events.

Umesh Gupta

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