New members of the France forum, introduce yourselves here - 2019

Hi, I'm Kevin, 
I moved to France in May this year, after retiring from many years in the aerospace industry.  I have a house in creuse and I've been coming to this house for holidays and doing general maintenance  for about twelve years.
There always seems to be somethimg extra to do!

Hi, actually I am living in Riyadh. I am a young student. It’s my 7th year in Riyadh. And I would like to find dance classes for boys( between 14 18 years old)

Hi Dario, good luck looking for the dance classes,  it isn't something I know much about.


I moved here in 1999. Had a maison secondaire before that so knew the holiday letting potential.  My house is "L" shaped, one part mine the other part Gite. For 18 years had great holiday lets, plus looking after a total of 9 properties belonging to friends. Now the rental market has dived, since Owners Direct sold out to Home away. On line Travel Agents, have ruined the business. Like airbnb, home away and the terrible booking.con  which explains it well.

Hi catlover France, sorry to hear your lettings aren't so good, not a bad idea living in same house as lettings,  useful to keep an eye on people.
Never had any success with lettings myself,
Have had interests in properties here for about 15 years,  but until this year only stayed here on holidays...working on various houses!
So never felt at ease being so far away and couldn't do the necessary cleaning etc between let's, did try for long term let, but no success there.
Would have thought u could still get let's,  can you not use airibnb etc?
Must admit,  don't like big conglomerates like that grabbing all the fees/ commissions.

All the best,  kev

Hi Kev, yes the OTA's are terrible, like airb.  They dont pay you till after  the guests arrive so they could be sitting on my money for ages, getting interest.  I prefer to speak to people before they book to have some idea who they are!   Leboncoin is quite good for longer lets but you have to do a good contract.  Have to be near to arrange cleaners etc. Had it good for 19 years, and was looking after 9 other properties of friends, arranging their lets for them. Now only one is left, all the rest sold. Living on my pension is not easy/possible. Trying to think what else I can do, age is against me.

Hi All,

I'm Selina, I moved to France last month for work from the UK. Recently moved into an apartment in Courbevoie. Faced some interesting challenges along the way!
Looking forward to meeting new people and learning about other peoples experiences!

Hi catlover,
Its usually the way with things, you get a good run, then things change and the way you did it before doesn't work anymore.
Sorry to hear that you're struggling.
Difficult to know what to do sometimes.
Some people do the vide greniers, but that can be a lot of running around for small returns.
Did know a woman doing that in the north, she was buying things in England that didn't make much there, and getting good margins back in France.

Hi all

We are hoping to move to France by the end of 2019.

We have been breeding Siamese and Oriental cats since 2009, and have decided that we want to make a life in France breeding these beautiful creatures and starting a luxury boarding cattery so we can devote our time and energy to the cats and their owners.

I will be travelling to France the last week in Oct to view properties in Brittany, Pays de le loiret and Normandy.

Perhaps we can meet for a coffee.....

Thank you

Michele Palmer

Good morning, my 21 year old niece who lives in Mauritius would like to move to France to live with her birth mother.

Can any one give advice as to how she can achive this.

What visa`s could she obtain, may be work permits, is there any way that she can live there on a permanant basis.

Many thanks.


I'm Anna from Los Angeles, and I'm applying to an international politics master's program in Paris for the 2020-2022  academic years. If I get in (I will find my way there even if I don't), I'll move from California to France in May of 2020, single, and ready to build a social community as quickly as possible. I don't necessarily plan on moving back to the US after finishing my grad school program. I would love to dive into the performing arts community in Paris. I have years of experience in jazz singing and all kinds of dance.

My husband and I are planning a move to Brittany in the spring of next year.  We will be looking to buy and renovate a property, and until we do, will live in our motorhome with our dogs and cat.  We are retired although I still do some freelance work.

If you need any advice on anything from housing to schools, I may be able to help.

Hi, I am Karyn from Singapore who will be going to Brittany, France to do some voluntary work from early December 2019. I expect to stay on for quite some time. I joined to get more information on the formalities necessary once I arrive in France etc.

I have been living in France since 1999.  I am in North France, near Hardelot Plage.   25 km from Le Touquet.  50 km from Calais. I have a Gite, no bookings this summer by the way.  Also B & B. I am just off the A16, exit 27, so good position for people driving somewhere further South.

Hallo Michelle. I use to breed Balinese when I lived in the UK.    Have you looked further North, the Pas de Calais, weather the same as Brittany but shuttle and ferries are far easier. I am only 50 km or 30 miles from calais in a lovely unspoiled area. I have 6 cats. 2 Balinese, one of whom is ill and I am so worried about him, Vet does not know why he is ill. 4 ordinary, if cats are ever ordinary. One black one called Unin, as she walked in my house Unin vited when she was about 5 weeks old.  Terrified, now over weight and very friendly. Amber a little ginger girl, who is very cuddly and her two sons who annoy me, as they use the house as a restaurant!

Hi. Stephanie here. Husband and I are thinking about moving to Pau, France. What is the most economical way to get there from the United States? On an initial visit, where should we stay? Thanks.

Hi Michelle would love to meet up.   I could help you on shuttle travel the easiest way to get over here. Let cat lovers unite!

Thank you. Not there yet, but want to know is it better to just fly direct from the states or fly to Paris and take a train to Pau or another method.

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Hi everyone
I'm Ipek :) I'm Turkish and French and we are living in Toulon since 3 years with my husband and my 2 boys.
I just discovered and thought it would be nice to meet new people from any nationalities..
I'm also giving Vinyasa Yoga classes in Toulon (a dynamic yoga style that makes you feel energized and calm at the same time ) in English and in French :) Do not hesitate to contact me if you would be interested in.
Good night to you all..

Hello - my wife and I are interested in looking into moving to France. My wife was a nanny in France many years ago and we are still friends with that family.  I am just hoping to learn the basics of what is required to move there.  We don't know what city, I listed Paris only because I had to list something.  Not sure if we will work or not; if we can meet whatever requirements there are to retire perhaps we'd do that. Sorry for raising more questions than I am answering.

I’ll be relocating to France in December until at least March as a trial to see whether it fits. If so I might move permanently from my home in BC or buy a second home.  I’ll likely base in Provence, or nearby in Uzes or environs. First project is to become fluent in the language. I have schoolboy French skills with a thick layer of rust. Second project is to property hunt anywhere close to the Pyrenees or in Provence. I also have a writing project. Looking for a small house to rent, preferably rural or semi-rural, and quiet.

Bonjour, Natasha. 
I like your dream and interests!  Sounds a lot like mine.  I am retired and have wanted an extended stay in France since I first took a French class in 7th grade.   I’m in California, still dreaming, for the next couple of years.   I’m partial to Normandy weather, would love to be in a lively village and involved in community volunteering and nature.  Gardening, hiking, reading, hanging out in a petit cafe, and improving my barely intermediate French all sounds so lovely
Good luck to you!

Hello, my name is Nick O'Neill. I am from Malta and will be moving to Bordeaux in a year's time. I speak 4 languages including fluent French. In fact I have been teaching French for the past 17 yrs in a private school and am a part-time lecturer at the University of Malta. At the moment in search of renting and a job in the teaching profession in Bordeaux. Would like to have some more general info about living in France.

Many thanks for your kind help.


My wife (french national) and I have just bought a home in St Paul de Vence and are retiring here after leaving the US.  The most daunting issue for us at the moment is for me to get a carte de sejour.  Any information or on how to "streamline" the process at the Prefecture in Nice would be most appreciated.  I have a long term VISA  with permission to work.

Hope to hear from you.

Au revoir,


Hi All,

I am trying to get an apartment before I move next month and I am losing my mind, any suggestions?

Hello all,

My name is Michael, I moved to France from Israel few years ago. I live in Pau since 2017, but only recently discovered I am looking for English speaking expats in my area for socializing. I like outdoors, live music, or just have a drink after work.


Hi I’m Gayathri,

I’m just join expat and searching a full time or part time jobs in France.searching nany and housekeeping jobs, just 31 years old with good looking and active person.currently I live in Sri Lanka.

hello everyone,
I just discovered this beautiful site yesterday while I was looking for an internship.
my name is Yara I am from Tunisia I am a student, I will be so grateful if anyone can help me to find an internship in the domain of computer science.
Best regard.

Hello all! I'm Maria, hoping to move to Brittany within the next few months to set up a small gite business with my hubby, Clive. Looking to connect with friendly expat builders and residents 😁

good luck in dancing classes


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