IGCSE home English teacher

Can anyone recommend a good home English teacher?
My Son is sitting his IGCSE this year and I am looking for a good teacher to prepare him for the exam.
They Must have strong knowledge of the IGCSE curriculum and exam.
I am Looking for lessons about twice a week near to Mont Kiara.
Can anyone recommend someone?

I currently plan, deliver, assess and review the Maths and English IGCSEs at a leading international school.
I have worked in Education for the last five years and have experienced an array of different settings. I am incredibly passionate about giving young people the opportunity to develop to their fullest potential and have always strived to be the best role model to students.
When I started my career in education I purposefully worked in an array of challenging settings, for example in SEMH provisions; special schools; primary schools; secondary schools and- most recently- an international school. I feel that these schools have equipped me with a number of strategies and characteristics to help young people achieve academically and socially.
Within these various settings, I have worked with a vast array of students who are from totally different backgrounds, totally different abilities and have experienced a completely different world to myself. I believe that my ability to acquire student voice is a great strength of mine, as I very adept at building positive relationships with students.
One way in which I build positive relationships is by my commitment to being involved in the school community; whether this is attending events; organising clubs; or going the extra mile to support students and staff alike with everything within my capability. I have always strived to be a good communicator and wish to hear every students voice to enable them to be reflective, responsible and resilient learners.
Beyond my experience in the classroom, I have also been involved pastorally in my roles. In my most recent role, part of my week would be spent formulating GAP plans and holding termly reviews with parents. Because of these meetings I have developed into somebody who can now instigate the entire ‘plan, do, assess, review cycle’. I am extremely proud of what I have achieved working within Special Educational Needs.
Prior to working in the education sector I worked in Youth Work. My role would be to socially integrate young people and inspire them to make a difference within their local communities. Initially the young people would go on an outdoor residential, where I would be responsible for safeguarding young people as well as trying my best to facilitate their fun. I would then be responsible for delivering workshops which included “how to stay safe online”, “money management” as well as many other valuable life skills. Finally, I would support the young people in their charity projects. Some were local charities, others have been global charities i.e. Save the Elephant Foundation. This experience is something that has resonated with me ever since, as I believe charity work is something that everybody should participate in.

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Yes, I am based in Kuala Lumpur.

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