Work Holiday Pass-Singapore

I recently graduated from Glasgow Caledonian University.
I have applied for the WHP of Singapore and awaiting the visa.
On the website it says 3 weeks processing time. According to you how many days does it take on average?
Also, does my university need to be under any top ranking list to be eligible for WHP? I didnt see this condition on the MoM website, but i read it elsewhere. Does anyone have any idea? Thanks.

The WHP is quite a rare visa type, as there are only a limited number available.
Thus we have limited information and experience with it.
All decisions are of course on the discretion of MoM (who will not normally tell you why you were accepted or rejected). The type of university does not seem to play a role and the processing time is not known to me.

You had asked same in PM to me, I informed you that process time is much depends on the existing quota which says 2000 at one time.

MoM won’t define whether TOP university would have any additional weight or not but it’s very common that the TOP university graduate has higher chance. Processing time, as Beppi said is unknown to us. With very limited information floating in the market, hard to tell average processing time but should be lesser than the normal EP pass process time. Good luck

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Hello Sunny93,

Have you obtained your WHP ?
Eventually, how long did it take for you to get it ?

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