Moving with family,

Heya all,

For those of you that have moved with a young family, how did you process it?  What i mean is did you sort schools first, wait till school holidays or home school until they had been enrolled?

How did you go about work, did you land and start the following week leaving the settling in and finding the right home, to be sorted around your working hours (i wouldn't uproot without securing employment first)

Also, after school childcare, i intend to work full time so will need help with childcare, would you recommend an Au pair or after school club?


Amanda x :)

Is this your first international move ? So much of it boils down to personal circumstances so hard to comment on the what to do first.

I would be cautious about the childcare providers on the island,unless you have properly screened them. Most occupy a room in a house with about 7-8 shouting kids, and shouting caregivers. Its hard to tell in these situations who is the toddler :).

So in this regard, be sure to ask for at least a police clearance certificate, some references etc and if they allow it spend a few days with the kids to settle in. Some dont, which raises questions as to why not ?

Also ask if they are authorised by the Education standards authority, its on a gov website the authorised ones. Although ones which are not authorised, or in the process of finalising, which could take years , are still allowed to operate.

It also depends on how old your kids are, as they have older kids mixed with younger ones, and older kids tend to be a bit more confident and assertive.

I lived in Malta for a year and travelled back and forth the following year but that was 15 years ago when i had no commitments. 

The process of finding childcare here in the UK is really straight forward and CRB checks are part of the standard practice.  I would never leave my youngest with someone who wasn't qualified or without first aid experience, nor would i allow him to be in an over crowded playgroup.  I'd rather pay for in house help.

There must be some expats who are qualified and have set up child care somewhere on the island though!

Amanda x

Its going to depend on which town you pick. Some larger towns have more choice of these facilities.

Some smaller towns have a "daycare center", which happens to be someones house, with a spare room and a place to leave the kids so parents can work.

There are no planned lessons or activities from the ones I have seen. No sleeping facilities , if your little ones still take a nap, we saw one where kids just curled up somewhere on the floor with a carpet. I guess it could be a bonding experience of some sorts.

it was only 3 we visited and didnt feel comfortable leaving our daughter there. Perhaps in the areas you choose they will be run or organised differently.