What is a sufficient amount of money needed to move to the Dominican

Hi all

I've been reading.
Here's the scenario.
Canadian, 44, experienced management level administrator, usually in housing maintenance, construction, and manufacturing.
I hate that work.
I'm tired of canadian life.

I want to teach English.   Tesol certification can be obtained.
I'd love to buy a little tour boat, or run a private taxi service. 
There is a man, Hatian, living in DR for 10 years who can partner up.  I'd marry him in a heartbeat, hes so kind to me always.  He has his own little barber shop.

So...the question.  I read about the visa process and can start that here in Canada.   I understand it will be next to impossible to get loans.  That's ok.  I'd marry and make a life.

How much money do I need to make the move?  I can and do live simply.  I dont need much. 
How much for a small tour boat?
How much should I have in the bank?  I could always return to Canada if it doesnt work, but I dont want that!  I want the sun. I want the water. I want the music and simple life. 

How can I do this?!

Welcome to the forum Gogogiz.
Everything depends on what you want, and your lifestyle.  I would think you should ask your friend who you want to marry.  Starting a business takes time and money.  Tour boat?  Taxi service?  Ka ching ka ching.

Such an o..pen ended bunch of questions. Ther are no answers without much more information. Desires, goals,necessities for a comfortable life.First is to come and spend enough time to be sure of the life you want can be had.  Need residencia for what you want to do. The Island Dream sometimes costs much more $$ wise, but even more imortant is the emotioal cost of assimulating into a very different culture & system of laws. So many questions to answer. You will receive many  that you will need to resolve. Even the very wealthy can misudge their requiremnts financially.One persons idea of a simple life may actually be expensive in comparison to the dreams of us all. Never devulge your budgets or assets.  Please give us more info.  Welcome & keep asking.

I'm reading that you know DR for a start with your potential partner.....East Coast?

First of all find out the immigration status of your potential partner. Beware of bogus potential partners who think you are loaded is the number one rule and a potential route to a better life in Canada. Put the litmus in the water for starters and don't be blinded by having being treated well...so far. Blunt yes, but needs to be said.

You will need to get an immigration status and this is possible at your age through marriage to a Dominican or perhaps an Haitian who has gained a regular status through recent decrees - check. You can also get an immigration status by investment too. This will be key to a long term future here.

If you have a partner with a basic income that helps. Obtaining a decent income through work once you have residency will be tough, so start thinking as a couple you need 2500 USD per month to enjoy a decent life. It can be done for much less so accept I am throwing a figure at you as a potential couple based on the basis you are an expat and will want some things that cost.

How well do you know your barber friend?

I normally cast cast a negative thoughts to those in your position.  It can be a wonderful future or one fraught  with pain. I kow several couples who have been fortunate to have good relationships. But, and it is a huge but, the odds are not in favor in this type of relationship.  Please give us much more info about your future partner. Can he provide you with a decent home and an acceptable ldaily life.  If it is you who provides this in any large measure, beware, you are treading on dangerous ground.  May it work out for you. Others will post the problems that may exist. Welcome to the forum.   The real question to as is whether or not he can provide at least 50% of what is required to fulfill your dreams.

Okay well this won't be easy.

I second the above thoughts. How well do you know the potential partner? What is his legal status and make sure you confirm it.  Only marrying a Dominican citizen will get you residencia.  A regularized  Haitian doesn't qualify.  This is a machista culture. You need clear understanding of how relationships work here.

To get into tourism is expensive and complicated. It is not as simple as buy a boat create a tour!  I can help you develop it but it takes time and money!

Moving here without residencia means getting a job is going to be tough.  Under the table jobs are harder and harder to get honey. 

Do you speak Spanish?  You will need it.

TESL certification does have value but again it will take time to build a client base.  And the pay won't be much!

A simpler life is a wonderful objective. The reality of that can be daunting.   I respect your intent. Take your time. Do your homework. If this is right for you then it can happen.  You will need to be patient and persistent.

Thank you everyone!  The potential partner, is just that, potential.  I am not counting on that to make anything happen.  I want this for me. 

I could business partner up with someone there.  I know someone with drive and suave in that world of business. 

I keep seeing 2000 to 2500 usd as a marker for a comfortable life and keep seeing salaries at 700 to 1000 usd.  How do I make up that difference?

I could buy a car there.  Use it for taxi.  Make the payments and insurance from the taxi funds. 

I could save up and buy a small boat as well.

These plans will take at least a year.  At least.  I am not being spontaneous.   I want to prepare properly.

My dear Gogogiz.

My dear.  Allow me to observe you are grasping at straws.  Too many ideas and now, the man who you said you would marry in a heartbeat, is expendable.  This is what I read into your messages.  Maybe I am wrong.

I highly recommend, you come to the Dominican Republic for minimum of 2 weeks, and hopefully longer, to do your research and due diligence.  Spend your time and money now, before dreaming about various ideas that pop into your head.  There is definitely something for you.  You just have to find it while you are here.

My comments are to help you.  Not criticize you.  We all are here to help, but also to assist you with good "common sense" guidance.

Taxi licenses are not easy to get or cheap. They are heavily controlled for Dominicans honey.   Do not count on that angle at all.

No offense taken!  I can take the real words.  This is why I'm here. I spent the last 5 weeks in the Dominican.  1st week a resort.  Next 2 weeks Airbnb.  Next 10 days in hospital. Next 7 days in an apartment type hotel situation.  I've shopped locally, cooked, been to ghettos, been on the highways,  rented a car and drove through higuey, Bavaro,  punta cana, San pedro, macao beach, little shops, little bars, little street foods,  met the locals.  Made friends.  I love the life. 

All I need is a basic furnished apartment, hot water, ac, a kitchen with a freezer.  And most of all, an income.  I can come with about 10k canadian, could save more.  Looking for a move in about a year.

The romance.  Of course, it is wonderful.  It may work, it may not.  I will not take that level of risk for myself though, I will do it on my own.  Would I marry?  Only time will tell but I am no romantic fool to think paradise awaits me in the arms of a man. 

Keep giving me the real deal peoples.  I need the truth to be informed. 

Thank you!!

Further.  Looking for someone to partner up with, are dependent on several factors.  What experience and assets you bring to attract a local business partner? 

Small and large number of businesses come and go, and many have lost money and are gun shy.   So don't expect to find potential partners or investors to be waiting in line.

You are a stranger.  Do you speak Dominican or any Spanish?  A lot of variables.  What experience do you have operating a boat?  Do you know the local waters?  The list is lengthy.

We who are here or who have spent time here, have experienced or heard war stories.  We want you to understand, we want to be here and hope you join us as an expat.

So hear our words of wisdom.  They are all very educational and meant to help you.

I am quick to admit, I know nothing & you fine folks have the information I need. 

I am open to hearing everything.  All suggestions.  All pros and cons.  Tips and tricks.  How to make a life. 

I only want simplicity.  I understand it will not be simple, but the life I live outside of professional and personal work, can be simple.  It is the laid back lifestyle of the Dominican that attracts me. 
I am learning spanish.  Not far off from french.  In a year, I will know spanish.  This is all part of the planning process.

The furnished apartment you described is easily accessible.  And for under $500\$600 a month in most a decent locations in most every part of the country. IMO, for much less than $2000 a Month.  It depends on what you want to do when you are "away" from the apartment.  You do the math.

Never ever mention amounts or assets,  it paints a huge bulls eye on your back !    Most of what you are looking for can be achieved with some not. Small apts, can be found with patience & building a network. Have to be here to have good choices. In the hospital? Nothing serious I hope, a week is a long time to be in one.  I will PM you with some info.

At your age and with the assets you state you can bring with you, your residency possibilities or shall I say visa possibilities as a single person look bleak.

You mention a taxi service. Arriving as a tourist will only allow you 30 days legal driving with valid insurance unless you obtain some visa. And that business is union controlled and they take a large chunk of earnings. Fact is unions control a lot of what happens in Dominican life whether it be cars, boats or other.

Even if you could find an employer to get you a work permit, the earnings will typically be low at 300 to 400 USD and there are deductions involved with earnings too.

Teaching through aid programmes is a possibility but don't expect to be in Punta Cana but rather in very rural settings but you need to be fluent in Spanish and then adapt to the Dominican dialogue.

So the best option I could suggest considering to generate an income sufficient to live here, is online work where you could stay under the radar until such time that you organize a long term future with legal residency.

Okay here is some reality.  What you describe as a simple life -  air conditioner,  hot water,  freezer etc etc is not simple here. That is considered luxury by locals and average for expats!

You are going about this in a smart way though so kudos to you!    Research everything you can. Learn what you can ahead of time to prepare!   

Be very very wary of any "partners" apply your standards from home!  Do not accept specific behaviours and always remember if it seems to good to be true, it is!

Are you able to work online in your area of expertise?  Doing your same work in Canada?  This will circumvent a lot of the hoops and pitfalls you will face such as limited income in the Dominican Republic.   Notwithstanding, taxes, etc., and you would limit additional costs associated with living here.  Work from home. And you will not need to learn the language now.

Is that remotely possible?

That would be difficult at best.  I am going to try to start a business here in Canada that can generate an income and then make the move.  Everything will take time, but time I have.

Patience is a virtue.

BINGO.  That makes good sense.  Make your income in Canada.  You have just taken 90 % if your problems living and making a living in the Dominican Republic, off the table.  BTW, getting cash here at local banks using plastic, if you didn't know already, is simple.

You go go, Gogogiz.

You cant simply buy a car and do taxi business. Everywhere ive heard of has 'taxi mafias', that dont want competition.   Teaching? You'd be lucky to make as much as your bf, maybe 1 or 200$ per month.  Where he lives will certainly be way  below amy standard you could handle, so ypu will have to rent or buy a decent one.  Then you'll have to factor in supporting his relatives.  Rehearse what you'd  tell him the first time he says his granny in some provence will doe unless she has an immediate operation. Then practice for the second time.

Hold on folks! We need a definition of what is sufficient  Sufficient for what?  Of course it means shelter, food & other necessities for a healthy life.  A/C, vehicle. extra room? Just what does it mean.  What things are an imperative?  It will be interesting to see what you all find that you think is sufficient.  It really means how much to keep you content & happy.  So different for everyone.   A life can be had for $1,000 a month or perhaps $5 or $6,000 a month is not enough.  Many factors to consider before knowing how much is "sufficient:".   Take your time,.... it can get complicated.  I'm not talking dollars,  I'm talking  true emotional needs.   You may have to give up your Crusinart or some such.  Get what I mean by sufficient?

I get it. 

I need a basic furnished apt, 1 br,  hot water, ac, kitchen.  I don't need toys. I dont need TV.  I dont need cable.  I need the sun, the water, I need to eat. I need alcohol, the odd treat, club once a week & would really want a vehicle so I can go to the shore whenever.

The part of the Dominican, I dont know, as long as it is near the water, not too too far from bavaro, I'll be good.

listen being  on vacation there and living there are 2 different things ; i'd say before you look to invest  is to go live there  for 3 to 6 months and see if you really like it ; as far as marrying your friend there be carefull people can be very  kind to  you on vacation but if you are there daily it might be a different thing ; business there is tricky ; many places have gone down there due to lack of funds to keep them going in the of season ; as far as teaching i hear theres  a demand for it but do not know  what the pay is ; getv a good reputable lawyer through  anty friends you have in the dominican  as there are alot  of scams there ; good luck

am in same boat like you from Canada trying to move next year to retire looking for more info

Again what you need is relative.  I currently live in Santo Domingo very comfortably on 1,200 a month. I work full time so my costs are different.  And I speak fluent spanish and know how things work. In the beginning you can expect to pay more while you are learning!

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