American User friendly Banks near Agadir, Morocco

Happy New Year to everyone. It is finally 2019 and I am getting down to five months left until I leave the US for Morocco.

As part of my planning, I need to start a checking account in Morocco and start sending some American dollars to pad my landing in country.

My possible future bride will not take the responsibility of holding finances for me, so I need to deal with a bank directly.

If anyone can give me a referral to a Moroccan bank in Agadir which can make opening and maintaining a bank account very simple, I would appreciate it greatly.

Thank you very much.

you must to be in person to  open bank account as the same standards used in USA with a valid passport , address ....etc. ..

The process does take 20 mins then ask the possible future bride  or Mr google to get you the name of banks then contact them .

Hope that  you are not one  for those  :dumbom:

Hello Kboussif,

Thank you for your response.

Looks like I have to find the Morrican equivalent of American Netspend prepaid debit cards if one exists. Does Morocco have something similar?

And, it appears that properly raised Moroccan women will not hold an unrelated person's financial assets until such time that the dowry and nuptials have been concluded. Just by her actions alone, I know I have been given the opportunity to possibly wed a great woman, the likes of which are common in Morocco, yet almost unheard of anymore in America.

If Allah, Always Gracious and Merciful, will allow our union, I will have the rest of our life to have my love interest hold financial assets on my behalf.

My biggest scare is that before I can leave the States, the American economy will be artificially depressed or another fake "attack" will be facilitated to subdue the American populace into ceding more rights to our Zionist masters. If that happens before my escape, I fear I won't be able to take any money to Morocco to start my new life.

I suppose I could clean and wash dishes for room and board at a local riad. Lol Love will always find a way!

Thank you so very much for taking your time to respond to help me and I am eternally grateful. May you have peace and good health the rest of your days.

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