How to check my Permanent Visa Status online!i

I received my Permanent Visa in 2009.  Have a V number but no expiration date.  Do not have my card because I applied and received it in Fortaleza and my card was never sent to Caçoeira where I was living.  I have lived in several different cities and I have travelled in and out of Brasil several times using my V number and American Passport.  Can someone tell me how I can check my status online since I will be leaving Morocco and going back to live in Bahia.  Thanks!


Since you are not in Brazil . I would start at the Consule where ypu live and ask there advice.


Also, when you get to Bahia, the Policia Federal has moved their offices to the lower floor of the SSA airport and are much more congenial than in the past when they were downtown in Comercio. The can track you card or get the process going again by issuing a provisorial document based on your present number.

You are fortunate to have been allowed to travel in and out of  Brasil without your Permanant Visa card. I was denied boarding on a flight from the US to Brasil because I did not have that card with me. I had to go to the Brasilian Consul office, which was thankfully in the same City, and obtain a Tourist Visa, which was issued within an hour.  I was told by the airline that boarding is denied to anyone without their card, a copy (which I had) was not acceptable.

I have renewed my Permanent Visa once, and am over 60 years old, so I believe (but can never be certain, this is after all....Brasil) I no longer need to renew the Permanent Visa but wish to be certain. So far, no luck online. Can links be shared here? If so, does anyone have the link to use for confirming the status of a Brasilian Permanent Visa?


You certainly don't need to renew your CIE, or replace it with a new CRNM, if your CIE shows validity as "indeterminada".  Here's the link confirming that: … permanente

The visa itself is a thornier problem, since VIPER was abolished by the 2017 reforms.  The Foreign Ministry no longer has a mechanism for issuing them, so probably does not for renewing them, either.  You could ask the Federal Police, but chances are they'll tell you to travel with your (original) CIE.

I carry around an authenticated copy of my CIE for everyday use, too.  In fact, almost the only time I bring the original out is to travel.  I use it to re-enter the country from abroad, but, being lucky enough to have a VIPER without an expiration date, I've never had to produce it to board a plane.

Thank you for that info and for sharing the link. My CIE is good. Now on to the CPF....

You may wish to enter Brasil on a tourist visa, which may now be obtained online I am told, then take care of the rest once you are here. Given your current location it may be difficult to accomplish what you need at a Brasilian Embassy or Consular Office.

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