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Hi everybody, first my current situation:
My Vietnamese fiancee and i have a 4 month old son, we live in HCMC, but have recently decided that with the daily road accidents and lack of respect and lack of politeness and terrible weather and pollution.... I could go on for hours.... we will move to Europe.
My son and i have a Danish passport, so no problem.... does anyone have a suggestion how we can get a visa for  my fiancee and which kind, preferably for longer than 3 months?? Once we are in Germany we plan to go to Denmark to marry, since it is much easier there than in Germany.... So which kind of visa  should we apply for?.... Does Europe have something similar to the K1 90 days visa in the US?
It takes about 1-2
months for my divorce to go through, thus the question regarding the gf visa

Hello Roy!

I need few more information about you to give you good advices, such as the context of your current situation, but I'll try from scratch with what you've just explained.

First getting a Visa D is not easy at all... (neither the Visa C / Schengen tourist visa).
Sorry to tell you, but you'll have a real issue to get a visa D, not impossible but it's gonna be a real nightmare doing it without any certainty to get it...

It seems that the best option is to try to have a visa based on the fact she's the mother of a Danish child.
You can then request a family reunion visa based on the fact she's the mother of a Danish kid (your child would be the link of the family reunion, NOT you! It means you'll have to proof that the child is going back in Europe!) + proof of your relationship with your fiancee (pictures, loan of house, trip together, gifts, phone call history, electricity bill, ....... everything you can to proof your relationship, as much as you can!!!) + financial stuff........... + proof you're going back in Denmark and you want to live with her there!

She would get a foreign citizen ID card from Denmark that she'll probably have to renew it every years. (She can't travel in Schengen area without her ID card AND her passport! But she'll be able to move freely in DK with just the ID card)

You have to realize that it takes from 6 months to 1 year for her to get that visa D.
As you're living in HCMC, you're NOT a Danish citizen anymore but an expat/living abroad. Except if you're still a proven citizen of your country!
It means that you don't have the same privileges as when you were living in Europe, especially to sponsor your fiancee!
It has many impact such as you can't be her financial guarantor as you don't have Civil Status with her (instead, family/friends in DK can do it for you if they get enough money per month), you can't invite her if you don't have a house/loan in Denmark, you don't have pay slips in Europe, ...

You might probably want to get married with her before doing the long term visa application to get back in Europe. She would be your wife (legal status) + mother of a Danish child. (Please don't forget to do a wedding contract... never forget that Vietnamese law is: what is mine is mine, what is yours is mine! Just in case to protect yourself...)

I'm pretty sure that it's not what you were expecting to hear, but that's what gonna happened...
You'll need to be patient and wait before moving back in Europe, and you won't even be 100% sure it's gonna be alright... Sad but true...

You might really have to think about getting a job back in Europe before doing her visa request...
So, it means being separated from your future wife/child...
It will be really easier to proof money papers and that you can cover for your wife to get her back in Denmark. Mainly as you'll be able to proof she wouldn't be a charge to the Social Security of your country as you'll cover for her.
Avoid Vietnamese papers as much as possible.

European papers > Vietnamese ==> you get money and you cover everything. (Except if she's "rich", got ownership, etc...)

You can also think about getting her a Schengen visa to get married (tourist) but you might have real issues to get it working if you're not a citizen anymore of your country...
It's doable, but you might really have trouble to get it... through it's faster to know the result of the application (1-2 months), but you've to get back in Denmark first to start the process/book mayor appointment)

In that case, she would most probably need a financial guarantor (it can't be you as it seems you don't live there anymore), but you'll have to proof she'll get back in Vietnam! (House ownership, car, stable job, bank history, pay slips, tie in Vietnam, ...)

Just remember she'll never get a 90 days visa if it's her first visa ever in the OECD...
The maximum that you can expect is around 2-3 weeks (less than one month!!!) if you have a PERFECT file and they're SURE she'll goes back to her country... which seems to be pretty bad in your case...
Your embassy will NEVER grant her a 3 months visa if she has never proofed that she already came in Europe/America/Japan/Australia/... and get back to her country without any criminal & immigration trouble!!!

When you get the first Schengen visa and she came back, THEN you can expect a 2-3 months Schengen visa with/without multiple entries.

In my opinion, you should definitely have a look at the immigration website of your country, as your laws are not mine... (Belgium). Even if some are commons between us.

And you should REALLY consider asking for the help of an advocate (family/international laws specialized in Visa requests).
It's not that expensive in Europe, around 100€ per visit. (You can expect at least 2 appointments, one to show your current file and discuss about it, then another one to review the updates you've done)

Btw, please read the visa code for Europe, it's only 58 pages but it's easy to read it and it includes a lot of useful information:

English: … 058:EN:PDF
All European languages: … 32009R0810

You'll understand what the embassy and your immigration office will check when you do your application! You really HAVE to read it!!!

+ ask an appointment to the Denmark Embassy in Hanoi and talk with the Consult/Ambassador for advice, try to already have a good file to support her application before talking with them!)
Go with her and your child! They've to see you!!!
Visa requests are done by private agency now (VFS/TLS/...) to fetch all the papers, you don't get to see the visa officer in person like before! Go there with your family to put a name on your visa request number!!!
Remember that the visa officer/consult will do a resume of your application that will be send to your immigration office in Denmark. Make sure you get them on your side! Do social stuff and convince them of your case!!!

No matter what, just remember that to get a visa, you have to proof :
* the purpose of your trip (living in Denmark, where/how? in a house/loan/... + reunion with the Danish child)
* the conditions of your residence (financial stuff that cover her stay, so she wouldn't be a charge to your government)
* guarantees of return to your country of origin on expiry of your visa (if visa C)

Good luck! You'll really need it!  :D

WOW, that was a lot if information, thank you so much. I just have an additional, maybe more complicated, information... we plan to move to Germany, not Denmark, since i have lived in Germany and it is easier to find work there.
I am still a registered citizen of Denmark, with a Danish passport, but haven't lived there for over 30 years. My son got the Danish passport because of my Danish citizenship.... The problem is my fiancee, who is Vietnamese...... We will try to get her either a tourist visa for  Germany, or a "family reunion" visa, then we want to get married in Denmark, since this is the most uncomplicated country to get married in, and i also happen to be a DK citizen.
We have the original birth certificate from Vietnam, stating that i am the father and my fiancee is the mother. We have plenty if proof that we live together, i. e. photos, bills, police registration, etc.....
I will have to check with the Danish and German embassies to see if there are differences between their requirements.
Maybe it  would be better that i move to Germany first, get situated with job, home, insurance, etc.?.... then get the family over...... Do you suggest that we stay in  Vietnam, at least until we are married, can take about 6 months, and then move to Europe, or go through the visa process now ?
I really thank you for taking the time to explain all this to me, looks like it is more difficult than i expected.

You've to understand that we've common laws in Europe about short stay Schengen Visa (tourist/business), but DIFFERENT laws regarding immigration (long stay).

Ok, most of countries in Europe have nearly the same kind of laws about that, but there might be huge differences/advantages depending about the country you'll decide to live!
And as a European Passport owner, you can take advantage of it as you can decide where you want to live without much troubles!
You just have to pick the right place to settle first to achieve your goal, then you're free to move when she has the foreign ID card from a Schengen country! (and most probably pick a country where she'll be able to have a European nationality fast to avoid having trouble with her Vietnamese citizenship...)

So, I mean that there might be real differences between Germany way of doing things and Denmark OR other countries in the Schengen Area!

I'm no lawyer/advocate, I'm working in IT...
I've no experience with laws with child reunion as it's not my case, yet.
I've only some knowledge through reading the laws for my case/family of lawyers/advocates/in order to understand what I can do with my own couple ==> Immigration laws regarding my Vietnamese girlfriend and Belgium laws to get her back with me in my country soon.

That's the reason why I strongly recommend that you hire a german/danish/european advocate to give you specific advices on YOUR case.
The way to understand and to interpret laws is a real job... You gonna fail without their help...

Many advocates can be join through skype/whatsapp call/whatever... You just need to find an efficient one and not a kid that just get its diploma that need money to survive as he's new without experience...
Find someone that will be able to understand your case in 5 minutes as he has seen ten thousand others cases in its life... that won't tell you what you want to hear but will give you real good advices...

You CAN'T do a reunion visa in Germany/another Schengen country if you're not a legal citizen  ==> you have to live there first AND have a job to cover for her. (or if you have dual nationality).
You can only have access to the European citizen laws if you're living in one of the Schengen countries!
If not, only your nationality one ==> Denmark.

I shouldn't say that, but my country, Belgium, is known to be the easiest country to live with your future wife through "legal cohabitation" (as you're NOT married yet and you have a child with her).
If you get a job in Belgium and live there, she'll get her long stay visa in 3-6 months, pretty easily...
It might also be the case of other European country, but I'm not aware of it as I've no interest in it...

I think you're right about getting back in Europe first to get a job and insurances.
As you'll be able to cover for your own wife and "use" your child to be the link to the reunion.
But again, I'm no advocate... :)

By the way, the moment she get a foreign ID card of a Schengen country, you can marry her in one month...
So don't pick that as a mandatory thing... Just pick the right country where you can have a good paid job and get her come to live with you.
My 2 cents... ;)

I forgot something, if you get married and go to your DK embassy to register your wedding, they'll give you your marriage certificate and your wife should receive a 5 years Schengen Visa. (maybe not at the first visa request, but in the end she'll get it for sure).

And if you marry, she will fall under the EU freedom of movement when traveling with (or to join) you...

Anyway, ask an advocate for help, they'll tell you what your best options are.
Good luck  :top:

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