Viet marriage visa

hi there...does anyone have any useful advice on the process of applying for a Vietnamese marriage visa, particularly how to locate the UK versions of the ''single status affidavit'' and also the actual application form itself
I have located US versions of these but dont know if they will be acceptable ???
I have also tried asking the VN embassy for these but they havent replied to my many e-mails and the documents are not available on their UK website

Any help greatly appreciated

Hi dave_t,
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Is this the form you're trying to locate?
Form: Affidavit of marital status: Vietnam

Also, please stay informed that from Nov 13, 2017, British Embassy in Hanoi will not legalise UK documents anymore.
British Embassy in Vietnam changes notarial and documentary services

There's nothing called Marriage Visa as such. You get your documents legalised in the UK, then come over to Vietnam on a tourist/business visa and get married.

Hope this info helps.

yeah...looks like the affidavit I need, many thanks :)
I'm guessing it its legalised here in UK, I can present it in HCM also ?

Just need to find the UK application form itself now

This site may give you some leads.
Pls check my last message. I just added one more info for you.

You can present it anywhere in Vietnam, as long as the doc is legalised in the UK (both from the British side and by Vietnam Embassy in London).

nice one...the legalisation link will certainly be needed

My concern is the embassy info states...

A Regular Dossier Includes:

--Application for Marriage Registration in Viet Nam
--Affidavit of Marital Status
--etc, etc

the ''Application for Marriage Registration'' is proving very difficult to locate ( UK version, I found the US one okay funnily enough )

Please correct me if I'm getting it wrong ....

- You are going to get married to your partner in Vietnam. (not yet married)

- That ''Application for Marriage Registration in Vietnam'' is a Vietnamese document which you can fill here in Vietnam when you apply for your Marriage Certificate to the local Justice Dept.
I don't think you need to do anything with that in the UK.

- That doc is same for all countries. It's a Vietnamese (bilingual) document.

- Application for marriage registration


no worries assume correctly :)

that makes things much clearer...again, many thanks  :cool:

You are welcome :)

As an aside, if you want to work in Vietnam with a Work Permit, you should bring legalized copies of all your original certificates (degree, training, experience etc.) with you.

Since British Embassy in VN is going to suspend their notarial services in Hanoi and HCM, you may have to face a lot of hassle and spend more money to get those docs legalised from the UK while you are in VN.
Better stay prepared!

All the best!  :top:

Don't forget, a marriage to a local doesn't allow you to work here. The visa,VEC, just exempts you from having to get a new visa for 5 years.

good to know but I have zero intention or desire to work lol

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