Filipino applying for Japan tourist visa from Vietnam


I'd like to ask if there are any Filipinos here on this site who have applied or tried to apply for a Japan tourist visa from the Japanese embassy here in HCMC? I have the list of requirements and it indicated having VND150 million in the bank, which is a concern. Hope you can share your experience as to what really are the requirements and how the process was.


This long and somewhat contentious post covers the same topic although the OP ended up going to Korea rather than Japan:

She did end up overcoming certain obstacles by obtaining her visa in Manila rather than in HCMC.  Your airfare might be a little more that way but the problems are apparently a lot fewer.

Hello, just wanna know if you were able to get a japan visa while in Vietnam?

Hi laviesaigon,

On my personal experienced, though it's not a Japan Visa, just make sure that you comply all the requirements listed on Japan embassy website, labor contract, working permit and trc as an additional requirement.

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To update, I was able to secure a tourist visa from the Japanese embassy here without incident. I made sure that I had all the required documents plus more — like my bank account details in the PH. The consular officer also asked me a lot of details about my trip, particularly why I was visiting the same cities. Lastly, and for me a surprise, I did not pay any fee.


Philippine Bank certificate? Or bank account details only?
Because i won’t be going to philippines before my flight to japan..i dont know how to get this certificate if needed

Hi, [at]maryanprado. I submitted the bank certificate and transaction record for my PH account. These were not really required but I just brought them with me as extra proof of financial capability. I would think that your VN account records would be fine as long as they show a healthy financial status. Good luck!

Hi! Can I directly apply to Japan embassy in Ho chi minh, rather than thru a tour agency?

Its easier to go to the consulate and inquire or or make a call.  When you pass the requirements make sure you have a photocopy with you coz they wont accept your application without copies

maryanprado :

Hi! Can I directly apply to Japan embassy in Ho chi minh, rather than thru a tour agency?

You need to have TRC or Work permit to apply for Japanese visa in HCM.

hi, we are planning to apply for a japan visa as a family here in HCMC, what are the requirements needed and do we still need to go with an agency or we could apply directly?
my husband is the only one working here, im a stay at home mom with our son. TIA

The Consulate’s website itself is only available in Vietnamese and Japanese languages. Do they support phone inquiries in English?

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