Visa requirements

I contacted the Portuguese consul in Washington DC and he emailed me a packet with the application and documents required. Very informative. Hope this helps.

Does anyone know what the required length of the rental contract is for the visa? I have contacted the consulate but they have not responded. All they say is that proof of sufficient residence is required but they don't say for how long.

Hi there.  I just submitted my documentation for Visa.  As part of the package I needed to show proof of an airline ticket among other things and proof of a place to stay.  I booked a place in lisbon for 3 weeks on AirBnB.  I was told length of stay wasn't important for the package.  It will take a few months to get approved but I got past step 1.

Hi GuestPoster6974

Could you please share where you are at with your application?

I would really appreciate your update.

Many thanks.

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