Has Anyone Purchased a New Car

What are the Pros and Cons of Purchasing  a New Vehicle..No Surmise's or Hear Says,  just facts...thanks in advance...

Lived in BR from 2002-2008 and bought 6 cars in that time, all USED. 
Sao Paulo is the best place, big selection, lower prices, best quality.
The north has garbage cars, all worn out and rusty.  See no reason to buy a NEW car ?  Belem is a seaport city and it will be turned into rust in short order anyway.
If you don't need to travel long distances,  buy a nice buggy

ON USED CARS .... it's very easy to find out if the car has outstanding debts,  go to DETRAN with VIN number or better a copy of the registration and ASK THEM !  NO big mystery.  AS for me, I tell the seller WE are going to DETRAN together before ANY money changes hands. Once I have the green light from them its clean, they get paid.  Pretty simple process, doesn't take a genius.

Understood, I want a new car, for I need legroom,I need 43 inches and the used cars are like the Airplane seats and I get tired of holding my arms in a fetal position while driving, I like full leg and arm room. And the only thing fits is full size cars, I like long touring and I'm not in Belem, I have miles to do and I like creature comforts.  We talking Benz,BMW. Fiat splat.

OK, your profile shows you in Belem ?
Plenty of SUV's out there with room you need. Unfortunately they have TINY engines compared to what you are used to in the US.  I'm talking a 1.5 ltr in a full size Honda SUV.  Very few V6's.
Go to Sao Paulo and you will find anything and everything, cheaper than other regions and better selections too.
You know OLX.COM.BR  or  WEBMOTORS.COM.BR I assume.
Nothing out there that is NOT on these websites.

Enjoy the shopping .... 4 cars I bought here were from small dealers in Sao Paulo, other 2 were from private sellers in the interior of SP

Anyone in the Market for a used boat ;)

IS it ABOVE water or BELOW ?  DO I need a diver to inspect it ? haha

So, Alascana, where DO YOU live if your profile is wrong ?

I live in Brazil, location disclosed at a later date...lmao.
And maybe one day correct my profile for just you...lol.kkk

How many hours on the motor and make,model and year,,what's up Steve

95 hp is plenty for where I'm going , it's like the Snail Mail, slow yet sure....jus sayn

Ahhhhhhh  .... ok , hiding from the Feds or IRS I see

TSA and those guys in Utah...NSA, & The Alphabet Boys. and I got everything wrapped in tinfoil. I also have a light on my hat, a swise army knife, beans and rice a water purifier,tapioca....smh..lol.kkk. I can see Venezuela from my porch...

So are you in Florida or Recife,  if in Recife I was just there Nov. 2...for a over dayer...lol...We coulda had a adult beverage and location disclosure. ....smh

I have purchased a new car 3 years ago as well as a used car. (one of the brands mentioned).
I will say I am not pleased with dealer. When I had an issue with the new car under warranty, had to go back many times.
If you live in a "touring" place great. Unfortunately I do not and both vehicles take a beating.

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