Driving Lessons and License in Brazil (Floripa)

Hello all,

I will be moving to Brazil soon together with my partner. We are both Dutch. He has a Dutch pasport with the international supplement. I don´t have a license at all yet.
We are planning to give birth in Floripa and apply for permanent residency.

My questions;
1) What are the steps to get a license in Brazil for me (not having one already)? Is it possible to get lessons from my partner, or does it have to be from an official school?
2) Is it possible to get lessons and do the theoretical exam in English, or is it in Portuguese everywhere?
3) Any indication of prices?
4) How long is my partner allowed to drive with his Dutch (international) license?

Thank you in advance for any tips!

x Flora

You will have to take a driving school and then a written and driving test. It will be in Portuguese If you have a license from a foreign country all you need to do is exchange for a Brazilian one. A medical exam eye test and psychological test. An international license is not needed. You can drive on Foreign license for 6 months after Permanency.


Hi Jiland912
Thanks for the information, just to confirm with you.
I have two driving licenses (Libyan and British), where do I need to submit it ?
how long does the procedure takes?
Thanks for your help


After you get your Protocolo or permanency you will go to DETRAN for the process. Until you get permanency you can drive on your foreign license and your passport.



I got my permanency last June in Belo Horizonte, so now I can got to DETRAN.

Thanks for the useful info


You should go to their website to see what forms and documents are needed.


Thank you Jim for your answers.
So I take it, it is impossible to do the exams in English anywhere??


You might want to make things easier and less expensive on yourself and get a license before you come to Brazil. Then you would only have to exchange for a Brazilian one after permanency.


Good suggestion indeed. I will keep it in mind!

One additional question:

Is it possible to get the Brazilian license already when on the tourist visa, or do we need to wait till the permanent residency?

You will have to wait until you apply for permanency. You can drive on the foreign license for six months.


You won't be able to do much before getting the permanent visa,  get it ASAP..

To get a Brazilian license you have to do a certain amount of theory classes and hours of lessons with a detran approved teacher/school before you can do the actual driving test....These no way to do it in English