Shipping Vehicle from USA

Does anyone have knowledge or have shipped their motorcycle or car from USA to Brasil.  Where can I get the info.



Good Luck! I wouldn't even try with the amount of taxes you will likely pay. I'm interested to know what information people have or if anyone has actually tried this. I thoroughly researched driving a nice car down here, but it looked dangerous and difficult to complete.


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What I do know is the Brazil will tax a used car "as a new car"

Any car that you ship cannot be more than 5 years old with the exception of classic cars.  You will be assessed !00 % import duty. Cars here are not so bad. Unless you have unlimited resources it will be very expensive for you.

the car's here are very expensive, and way over priced

You are better off to buy one here as mentioned before the import taxes and hassles of just doing it isn't worth the effort, unless your into dealing with Brazilian bureaucracy at its highly practiced best. The hassles then to get it licensed and registered is  another thing.  IMO I think it is easier and less of a hassle to buy one here.

Don't buy an expensive looking car like a Nissan Sentra, Toyotta Corrolla, it will call attention to you as being rich. Buying a BMW or Mercedes will definitely make you a target for thieves. The people who do drive those live in gated communities or high rises. I would buy a plan looking Chevy, Fiat, or VW and even in some communities if you own a car you are considered as rich or middle class

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A little off subject, but an actual history point which recently occurred.

Two "older" ladies were driving in Rio de Janeiro.   They had a regular car, definitely not a BMW, etc.

They were driving on the road and a car suddenly stopped in front of them.   Four men got out of the car with long rifles (not hand guns), told the two ladies to exit, took their cell phones, purses and drove off with their car. 

Over a month latter, one of the ladies NOW refuses to go out of her house with her cell phone as she is still scared stiff.


I first move to Brasil in 1992.  BEFORE I moved here, I also wanted to import my "used" simple Dodge SUV. 

I hope I do NOT step on your toes. but unless you have friends like Eike Batista, who used to be valued as the richest man in Brasil and is now in prison, I would tell anyone that tries to import a used car into Brasil is either really stupid or completely stubborn.  Brasil is NOT a country which wants imports.   Get over it and move on with your life.

Have a nice day!!!!


Off subject, but if anyone is coming from the USA to Rio de Janeiro (or even better to Macae or Rio das Ostras) and would bring some regular mail for me, I would be most appreciative.  The cost for mail, especially FedEX or DHL is extremely expensive.  I have a mail box in the uSA to receive simple mail, nothing dangerous, and all can be opened for security.  I just need a person I can trust!!!!!

Thanks a million in advance!!!

It's forbidden import used cars to Brazil.
You can get into as "temporary admission" for six months.
If you are brazilian citizen and lives out Brazil for a year you can bring your used car without any tax payment.

Yes, that's good advice. One of the first advice I heard here is what you need to look like everyone else.

If you go to the Brasilian govt website you can find the current list of forbidden imports. The short list would be anything gasoine powered. Not only will you have to pay a tax that amounts of 3 times what you paid foryour car when it as new, but then everything you bring with you will be gone over with a fine toothed comb and you will have to pay for that too.

Don't bring anything here for friends or that you are not sure of. Buy a used good car when you get here and the cost wil not hurt nearly as much (exchange rates). Thats the point of the taxes. 

Please also remember that the annual taxes on car ownership are crazy. Taxes are the only thing the government seems to be able to aggree on.

This matter is regulated by the legal norm "Portaria DECEX nº 8 de 13/05/1991".
Usually is forbidden import used cars to Brazil.

Example of exceptions:
1. Collectors cars with more than thirty years of manufactured.
2. Adapted cars for handicapped brazilian citizens backing home after at least two years living outside country.

US Global Mail is a web base service that will do a great job for you. I used them for a year until I could make arrangements with family. A year is enough to get clear of any serious correspondence.

good luck

I don't think it is forbidden, but as I said before it would be really stupid to import a car and pay 3 times it's original value in taxes to do so. For that kind of Money you could buy NEW here and be better off. The taxes alone are one reason and think about it how much would you pay to ship it as well. You also pay taxes on the shipping costs in Brazil so not only 3 times the cost but also the cost to ship plus taxes on that. So this is a completely totally stupid thing to do. Unless you have money to literally burn. My advise if you do it lots of luck you have been warned

Used vehicles cannot be more than 5 years old with the exception of classic cars.


People should wake up about importing things from abroad. You should be careful about accompanied baggages by owner (planes) especially car parts as they are prohibited (or any gas powered engine or parts). They prefer by mail so they can impose high taxes on them. Yes, you can import cars no older than 5 years old and classic cars that are a collector´s items - of course with very high taxes (100%).

Brazil lives on high taxes and corrupt officials steal them for their own benefits and subsidizes the poor who doesn´t work but do only "festas" all year through for votes. You go to prison and the government subsidizes the family with "auxilio de incarçeracão." They also give "bolsa familia" to poor families as long as they send their kids to school.

No wonder that the south (Parana, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul) is now collecting votes for cessation from the rest of Brazil. They reason that the taxes they pay all go to to the northeast for aid as the infrasructure of the south deteriorates and in need of repairs.

This is a socialistic government and a protectionist when it comes to trade. They impose high taxes on american goods that the majority cannot afford them.

Now that Trump is contemplating on China´s import taxes, he should also examine his trade with Brazil especially import taxes on Brazilian goods and act accordingly.


Old post !!! It maybe a matter of concern for you to ship your vehicle from the USA to Brazil, which is vast in the distance. Considering this vast distance it should be affordable as well. I remembered in the past my uncle took with much ease and no hassle. Without levying much burden on him monetarily, they haven't only shipped his vehicle safely, but also abided with their assurances.

Even though shipping may be affordable, There is still a large import duty on vehicles and they still must be less than 5 years old unless they are classic.


Hi Jland192.
What does Brasil consider to be 'classic'?  Is there a website that you know of that gives some guidance?

Dear sir, this is a simple matter but an expensive one. if you send from any country in the world to Brazil a bicycle or a car will have to spend a lot of money due to taxes that are several and expensive. this carr after you get it in customs will cost twice as expensive than in USA.
Imagine for example that in January 2018 a BMW 320d from June 2008. This BMW 320d will have the physical license plate, the one that puts in the front and the rear of the car, with the date "08 03", however, the date of the Portuguese registration, the one that counts to calculate the IUC, is not this, the date of the Portuguese registration is January 2018.
This BMW 320d will pay the same IUC as a new vehicle registered in Portugal on that date. That is, instead of paying the Single Tax of Circulation (IUC) of the same value of a vehicle registered in 2008, it will pay the same as the ones of 2018 pay.

If it is a relatively recent and low polluting vehicle, after June 2007, the difference exists but is not significant. But if it is a car before July 2007, the difference is great.
As you can see in the table of the example given, it may even be the case that an imported car with 10 years pay more IUC than a new one.
Comparação IUC importados usados
Modelo    Primeira Matrícula    Matrícula Portuguesa    Valor IUC 2018
BMW 320d comprado novo Janeiro 2018
106g/km CO2
1995cm3    Janeiro 2018    Janeiro 2018    221,70€
BMW 320d importado usado em Janeiro 2018
128g/km CO2
1995cm3    Junho 2008    Janeiro 2018    235.22€
BMW 320d comprado novo Junho 2008
128g/km CO2
1995cm3    Junho 2008    Junho 2008