Companies looking to hire American woman?


I am a very serious and independent American woman seeking to obtain a position with a well-established, stable organization, working and continuously learning in the IT networking and security field but have the most experience in Helpdesk and System Technician positions.
I am currently in the UAE job market, seeking employment for my move to the country. I was recently in UAE for 3 weeks and am very sure on my decision to move. I cannot wait to call UAE home. Th only issue is, is that I amnot getting much feedback from UAE employers. I will be returning in January, as I have planned and scheduled, to continue my search. However would clearly love to have my arrangements organized prior.
I do speak German and English- English as my primary. I do have goals to learn Arabic as soon as possible. Many individuals both near and far, work or family- they all know me as someone who is always ready for the next opportunity to learn something new; to take on the next challenge life gives me or that I seek. I have a very deep passion for learning and growing as both an individual and a dedicated employee with a positive attitude and continuous drive.
If folks here could possibly assist in pointing me to employers looking for my English qualifications and skill set so that I may have better chances in finding employment prior to my move, this would be most appreciated. Thank you for your time!

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Please drop an advert with your detailed cv in the Jobs in the United Arab Emirates section of the website. It could get you some offers.

Furthermore, feel free to go through the articles in the Work in the United Arab Emirates section of the Expat Guide, you will find some useful hints in each one of them.

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There are many threads on this forum which give tips on job hunting.  I have also commented on quite a few. Use the search button.

I am not exactly sure what your exact field is but from what you have written, keep in mind that your competition is vs. people from India/Pakistan who are much much cheaper in terms of cost to the company vs. an American or European.  Also help desk functions for most large companies are outsourced to places like India or done in-house by low cost sub-continent techs.

You need to identify the uniqueness in your skill set to be able to sell it to employers better otherwise it will get lost in the overall and that is where you won't get feedback as the competition would be much cheaper than you.   Also English skills in your choice of profession don't really matter as it is a back-office function.

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