Access to public health system for highly qualified workers & family

We are about to move to Malta, but we are struggling with the health care solution.

Does anyone know if once you are recognized as highly qualified worker, you can have access to the public health system?

My husband has a job offer where the company mentioned he can ask for a 15% tax as his profession is under the highly qualified list.  I will not be working but taking care of our two kids.
One of the requirements for getting that recognition as highly qualified is to show that he has regular resources which are sufficient to maintain himself and his family without recourse to the social assistance system in Malta.
1) Does it mean that we can not go to the health public system?
If so, will be entitled also to use it in our original UE country if we have a serious medical issue?

2) Is it needed to get a private health insurance to be shown to the Administration to get the highly qualified condition?
We have checked that to have a good quality cover it is more than 1000€ a month for a family of 4!!. Do you have any feedback on this?

2) We come from an UE country so we can use the international UE health card but I guess that once my husband is working in Malta, and I am not working, I guess we will not be able to use it, or just  for a certain period, is that correct?

Sorry for all the questions, but I have been trying to look for this info in the forum without success :(

Thank you in advance!!

Once you have your residence cards you cannot use your health card as they are for tourists only.   If your husband is paying national insurance you will be entitled to some health care, not too sure if you will still need private cover as well.

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