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Hi I am an Irish national with Irish passport my husband comes from uk ,if we or would it have to be in my name buy a property could he live in Spain with me ,with all that’s going on or should I say not going on with it.Can anyone help me .Be so grateful for any replies . :)

If you apply for EU Citizen Registration before Brexit then no problems.   

After that your husband, if considered as a non EU national, may need to apply for RESIDENCIA under the family reunification rules.

I was British, now Irish too, when my non EU wife came to spain under the family reunification rules. A bit more complicated but achievable

But of course at present no one knows what will happen post Brexit, if thar actually happens !

As for buying a property.  There is no problem with any nationality buying a property. They just need an NIE.  That is purely a fiscal ID number.  EU citizen registration and residencia both include such a number

John thank you for your help , just one thing is the EU. Nationally thing for me and does it mean I will be dual nationality . Bless you John I see you around the site helping people . Thanks again . Off to see John challis ( boycie) in only fools and horses now , he is a brilliant  raconteur  So looking forward to it x

I have dual nationality because in 2010    I discovered that as my mother was born in N Ireland I had been Irish all my life.   I applied for an Irish passport, which as I was over 65 was free at that time,  and did not renew my British one when it expired.    I then changed the nationality on my EU Citizen Registration . 

In hindsight it was probably/possibly a very good move

Hi John sorry I’m not understanding ,is it me because I’m Irish that needs the EU certificate and can I get one online .Also if we don’t move for a year will it still be valid .If you have grandparents that are Irish you can claim too.

Also can you give me the addy where I apply too .Thanks John x

Fairy sorry  if you did not follow.

An EU citizen moving to Spain must register on the EU Citizen’s Register.

So while UK is still in the EU that includes you as Irish and your husband as British.

If after Brexit, the UK ceases to be in the EU then if you are going to register after that then UK citizens may be classified as non EU.  If that happens,  then your husband will then need to be registered as a NON EU citizen.  In such a case he would need to register under the EU Family Reunification rules and would apply for RESIDENCIA

NB if you need to apply let me know and  I will try to send you the info how to apply for an appointment re EU Registration but it is not straightforward so I will wait until you need it

Just on the point of who can obtain Irish nationality.

If you read my post carefully you will see that as my parent was born on the island of Ireland I WAS IRISH and always had been.   So I was entitled to an Irish passport I just had to apply

My son had to apply to become Irish as it was his grandparent who was born on the island. 

It was complicated, required a lot of certified paperwork and took six months.  It was only after that he could apply for an Irish passport

Thanks a John I understand and will definitely get in touch if / when we do it . It all seems a complicated system . I’m sure we will get through it all.

It’s been raining so hard here today it was bouncing of the pavements , can’t wait to come over for two months in first week of March . Thanks again John wish I was there x

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