looking for job in RDC

Hello everyone my name is kevina france
Well im looking  to relocate in RDC this december. and i would like to know  how to find  a descent job jobs (accounting) over there as an expatriate which can allow me to live descently. Well im a bilingual french which is my mother tongue and english is my seconde  language. I have  2years of experiences as an assistant accountant. Im enrolled now in Acca.  So if anyone could respond and guide me through i  would really appreciate it.
Thanks alot.

Hello kevina,

Hi ... I am zahid from india, working in lubumbashi as an senior accounts. Opportunities r lots in drc. If you need more information please contact


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Any requirement regarding job?
Automobile commercial vehicles workshop manager, operation & maintenance of construction equipment.

HI my name is Emmanuel Katongo   
From Kitwe Zambia.
I am looking for a Job in  CONGO DRC . and i would like to Join Any Mining Company over there as an expatriate. The languages I know is Bemba and English I have  12years of experience as Maintenance Planner / Heavy Equipment Repair Technician.  So if anyone could respond and guide me through i would really appreciate it.
Thanks alot.


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I am a qualified journeyman plumber with 15 years experience.I am looking for a plumbing vacancy in DRC as an expatriate. I would prefer working for a mining r a construction company. I am from Zimbabwe

@Zahidmmipl how're you good to hear that you're in Lubumbashi,i really want to work there iam a chef .

My name is James Musimwa


Good evening my guy

I'm a qualified 26D electrician looking fir a job in DRC please assist with connections⁰

My name is Errol Davids from South Africa 🇿🇦

For those seeking work.

Place your CV in the jobs section at the top of this page.

Do an online search.

Contact relevant companies and send them your CV.

This site not an employment agency so you need to be proactive.

Hi am Nickson yasa from Zambia .am looking for a job in congo DRC , and I would like to join to any mining in Congo as an artisan electrician as an expatriate . the language I know is bemba and English.i have 8 years experience in the electrical field in maintenance, installation and repair of any equipment .I am a craft man having a craft certificate in electrical field .I will be thankful in any one can connect me to any mine in congo DRC where they are looking for electrician's thanks.

@nicksonyasa11 hello please refer to the Jobs in the Democratic Republic of Congo section by creating an advert.