Alien ID card

Hello. I applied for an alien ID. Are in April 2018. I still have not received it. My Efns says it isn't still in process. I asked at Nyayo house they said keep waiting .

With changes in government here they are checking all forieners for ID cards starting in November 2018.

Is there a way to get my ID card before
That ?

It takes 6 months for me to get my alien.. So just wait

I applied for card last month iv told 6 weeks Iwill get it

Thank you - I'll be patient

I asked my husband he said u should go to that office where u gave them ur paper n ask more

I assume that you have the receipt which proves that you had applied for the Foreigners Certificate?  This can be shown and is evidence that you have registered.  The problem was that there were a significant number of foreigners who hadn't registered at all.

I understand that there was a hiatus in processing all foreigners applications, which may be why it has taken this long - the cards often take several months but not as many as 6.

There haven't been changes as such.  Its more to do with enforcement of laws and processes that had become lax and 'flexible' thanks to corruption and lack of control.  Foreign work permit applications will be much more throughly scrutinised, going forward and those already issued are all supposed to be being reviewed to establish whether a Kenyan could be doing the particular job.  Some can expect work permits to be cancelled.

I applied in nyayo house in Nairobi. I've checked several times and still says I'm in process.  I applied April,2018. It  has been more than 6 months.

What are the options for helping ? Is there a customer service person who helps ??

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