Moving to Montevideo next year possibly... Would love some advice.

So me and a good girlfriend of mine are thinking about moving down to Montevideo next year. I am bringing my 2 dogs with me, so I wanted to get some information about how MV is for dogs. Also since we will be renting, I am wondering the best way to go about that... Also how is the food? I've heard the food in BA is horrible, I hope hope hope that's not the case in MonteV.

Any suggestions would be great, and so looking forward to talking to some people and seeing how the experience has been for them.


Hi and welcome on board Justin :)

I hope other members will give some useful information soon ;)


¡ oye Justin !  Nice choice you move to MVD, I was only there for a little while and thought it so welcoming.  As to your dogs one of the first things I noticed is that everyone seemed to have a dog.  And I stayed in the old town very close to el centro, you should have no problem finding a place with your pets.  Just be careful where you step because there is dog shit everywhere even in the middle of side walks.

MVD is so different than BA you would not think it possible that the two cities are just a short ferry ride across Rio Plate. 

It says here you are from Colorado USA well let me put it to you this way, if you know Canada you probably heard of Toronto, you may relate to this, Uruguay is to Buenos Aires as Newfoundland is to Toronto.  The quirky city of Montevideo is by far the friendliest, most unpretentious national capital I have yet to visit.  The off beat vibe of the city and her charming residents have a special place in my collection of rough jewels.  (that was what I wrote in my travel blog)

As for the food I just ate street food, (all delicious) lots of Italian/European influence in restaurants, many many fresh food markets and it is a carnivores paradise, though vegetarian options are available.  I don't really know what else to say about the food, depends what you are looking for there are so many varied tastes.  Good to some might be "horrible" to others, it's such a matter of personal preferences....just try as many different things as possible.

I plan on going back there by years end.  It was in the words of John Denver, like I was coming home to a place I'd never been before.   

Buen viaje


Thank you so much! I am getting more and more excited. This just sounds like the most amazing place. I have been to Canada alot and I understand your analogy. Sounds like it's going to be a great place for me to hang out. Buenos Aries, just sounded kinda brutal. I am so excited to try new food and all of that. Is the beach nice? I was thinking about that and realized I didn't even know.

Thanks for you response!

Hi Justin, how's it goin' eh?  Beaches, ah yes, the beaches!

The beach off La Rambla (in Montevideo) is a nice place to cool off if you don't have a lot of time to do a whole beach day.  The major beaches are around Punta del Este, which is a tourist riddled town a short bus ride away from MVD.  The place is packed with party-all night Argentines especially around the summer holidays (Christmas time).  Prices go up hugely, I found it pretty tacky and commericialised but had to see it just to see it. There are casinos, big name shoppes and all that glitzy kind of stuff.  Lots of rich people who go there to be seen.  Way better beach life, lots of surfing up the coast in Rocha and Santa Teresa.  I didn't get up that way because I am not really a beach person but I have heard from those who are that this is the place to go to really chill especially for those under age 30.

You must give BA a chance, however.  Though it is very different than MVD, it is full of music, dancing and the food/cafe/club culture can't be beaten. It has been referred to as "the Paris of the south".  I met some great people there, too. You will probably have to pass through it on the way to MVD.  I would suggest you stay there a few days, I could recommend you a good hostel if you wish.

A final note, if you are not already fluent in spanish I suggest you brush up on it a lot or better yet, take a class or two. It is quite a bit different than the Mexican spanish in that they use a lot of different words for things (especially food!) but, of course, but you will still be understood for the most part.  Uruguayans are like Newfies, they have a funny accent and if you are familiar with the way spanish sounds you will be able to recognise one in a matter of a few seconds!  Just don't expect anyone to speak english, not that you would or anything just sayin' :) 



Hi, my husband & I are from Colorado too.  Headed to Uruguay this coming season... so have been studying up as best as I can. 
There is a great (KINDLE) book called Total Uruguay that has been the best so far...  it also has a related blog called, 

Re: your dogs:
I've HEARD it is easier to take them in than get them out ( back to the US )... the US being much stricter. Friends took a cat that had all paper work, shots etc in order... when returning the Uruguayan paperwork had an incorrect date on it (simple error) however, it caused them to have a delay that caused them to have to stay in the country an extra (unplanned) 10 days w/ related expenses etc to sort it all out.  So proof read your paperwork carefully !

Good luck.

Hi,I live in uruguay 4 years and i will move this year to mexico.I think the cost in uruguay grows up 15- 20% every year.I haven't friends uruguayos and my american friends they have gone because they had many problems here.People here look frendly and honesty but its fake.if you come don't trust anybody.Its a country with thieves and taxes.Nothing else.

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