Being Vegetarian in Uruguay

Updated 2011-10-24 12:54

Being a Vegetarian in Uruguay has its challenges.

We Veggie eaters are often found a rather strange species by the locals. But no, we do NOT only eat rice and salad.
Luckily there is s atrong Italian influence all over Uruguay, so if you like pasta and pizza...and who doest like pasta and are quite well off.

If you are etting over pasta and pizza, here are two very interesting places

Bambu is a purely vegetarian buffet restaurant in Montevideo, as far as I m concered its the best restaurant in Montevideo, ever. Unfortunately it is only open for lunch, 12 to 15 h, it is located in san jose and rio negro. Strong authentic Chinese influence, but reall it is world food..and dont hesitate to bring your non-veg freind too, its sooo delicious.

The other option is a whole other experience, it is my own kitchen.

We have a horse tour business out in the beautiful Sierras of Rocha, three hours from Montevideo.As I said, our main income is running horse tours, but our other passion is cooking and gardening, so this is one of the few places, or maybe the only one where you ca get freshly harvested, organic vegetables cooked up with much love and imagination and served to you on a terrace with one of the most beautiful views of Urugauy...we find, anyway.

We mainly cater to horse riders, but also rent out our guestrooms to non riders, who like to come for a little holiday out in beautiful nature. I am not sure if I am allowed to publish our website here, but in case you have become interested, you can google us under Caballos de Luz, Uruguay.

Well these are my two suggestions, if you know more recommendable places to eat out for Vegetarians, please let us know.

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