Land in uruguay

Hi. I'm looking to purchase 0.5-2~ acres in rural Uruguay. When I do a google search for price of land in Uruguay, I see a very fair price which is approximately US1700$ per acre. However, when I check listings online (I've checked *many*) , there are not many results and certainly none that reflect this rate.

I assume the land is simply not listed online. I am not a good networker and am not confident that I would be able to find someone willing to sell me land by word of mouth, even while speaking Spanish. Is this venture simply not for me, or is there some advice that can be a saving grace?

Thanks for considering a response


Having come to Uruguay from Canada a year ago, I have seen many pieces of land personally, most were larger though than what you are looking for.  For these larger pieces of farm land you usually have to pay around USD 4000 an acre if it is in the south, but not directly on the water.  Like everywhere smaller pieces are more expensive.  I would assume that the google result is an old one, very old or is in an "undesirable" area.  Don't waste time looking for it.  If you are looking further inland than most expats you can get closer to this price.

Uruguay is terribly expensive in comparison to where I came from in Canada, New Brunswick that is.  If you are coming here for the same reason I am here for, then it may still be a good plan to move here. 

If you want a more detailed response please send me a private message and a Skype contact so that we can talk.  Writing extensively does not fit my time budget.

I am neither a lawyer nor a real estate agent, I do not expect personal gain from helping you, I am doing it from one seeker to another.

May you make the right decision.  In my mind there are not many alternatives to Uruguay left, although Uruguay is not only expensive it is even more bureaucratic and it has a more encompassing vaccine schedule than countries that I would not move too (does not include Covid vaccines though).

Hope this helps.


Have you decided where you want to settle? There is plenty of land for sale in Uruguay.

This is the best value I could find in a quick search. It's 12 acres and comes in a US$10,000 per acre. I don't know where you got a figure of $1,700 per acre but it must have been poor quality land in the middle of nowhere with disputed title. … en-precio/