Honest picture of daily life in Uruguay

Hi everyone,

I am looking for the near or bit distant future place to move to and live. And Uruquay seems to offer many really great things.

I lived in few countries before, so I dont wear pink glasses, (although I wish) so bring it on, im not faint of heart. I would like to find out more how it really is, do not spare me lol, you cant scare me, I lived in countries where some population hates immigrants and all that entails.. That said I would love to get brutal honest picture of daily life, (you can just message me if you wish). Any info from nature is gorgeous/ there are droughts/weather is great/... people are friendly/people wont accept you/ flake on you, to its impossible to find a repairman/ if you leave your car at mechanic...they are honest, do good job generally /are unreliable, warn me if everything is on manana system, to how difficult is it to get settled /go to office on the end of the world and bring 3 golden hair from ogres head, swim across the ocean and have each single hair stamped by dragon on the other end of the world..., ....anything, the good, the bad, the ugly...



hello and welcome !

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I have about one year Uruguay experience and like you have lived in a few countries.  I would be willing to share the picture I have of daily life in Uruguay, but I can not write forever since I am renovating.  If you like we can talk (by phone if that is affordable), Skype, Telegram.  Sorry, no WhatsApp (it seems I am the only person in Uruguay that has not agreed to get bare naked in front of Mark Zuckerberg).

My biggest bugbear is the bureaucracy coupled with the lack of personnel to process the endless tramites. All the time you are not having to deal with various government departments, life is very enjoyable here.

@Alexis Mandrake @Sova

Yes, things are a little bit more complicated here.  One even needs a notary to buy or sell a used car.  Could do without this, BUT I think we are paying for Uruguay not having the problems that all other Latin American countries with the possible exception of Chile have and I am happy to pay that price.

Talking about price, I think that is the real killer.  Most things are terribly expensive here and of bad quality to add insult to injury.  Made in China is basically the only option.  There are a few products from Brazil and Argentina and even fewer that are made here.  I try to buy the latter when I have this choice.

Services and repairs are reasonably cheap by Western standards.