How to get a driver license in Uruguay? I need help to get it.

Hi, I need help, clarification on how to get a driver's license in Uruguay.

I need to clarify that I do not have a driver's license in any other country, so, unlike many people, I do not need to do a validation, but rather, get a new license, start the whole process "from scratch".

I know that initially, in order to enter the process of obtaining the freedom to drive, I need to start the process of residence and then obtain the identity card, and I am already arranging this, I have a scheduled trip to Montevideo and after delivering the documents at the post and migration, I will be obtaining the identity card.

Once this is done, I should look for a school of chauffeurs, and this is where my question begins. Some could help me, explaining in detail how the process will be, so that I can prepare and plan everything, since my trip is one month away and as I am traveling with money counted, I want to know everything I will need to do.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation..


I can't exactly help you as I haven't got a Uruguayan driver's licence, but looking it up, as you haven't got one in another country, you're not in the Homologación category.

But what papers are you taking to the Department of Migration? If you're lucky, they will accept all your papers. (And they will often say you're missing one or one isn't acceptable, and then you have to make another appointment.)

Even if they do accept your paperwork, you won't get your cédula de identidad that day. What happened to me two or three times before I got residencia legal is that the Department of Migration will give you a slip of paper to take over to the Dirección Nacional de Identificación Civil. You'll go through a side door where they'll ask you for payment. When I went, standard payment was a six-week wait; express payment might get you an appointment the following week. The good news is, once you actually have the appointment to get your cédula, you can get it on the same day and it should take less than an hour.

One other thing to bear in mind is that in order to get a driver's licence in Uruguay, you need to have a medical certificate. This isn't anything strenuous, I'd imagine it's vision (corrective glasses or contacts would be fine) and making sure you don't have anything like dementia or epilepsy, but it's yet another appointment and another bit of paper you will need to get a driver's licence. All health centres in Uruguay will have a specialised area to obtain a medical certificate for driving.

@Stephanie NJ Hi, I'm taking apostilled birth certificate, several judicial certificates and the ID (issued in 2020), I'm also going to provide the 3x4 photos they ask for. I've already taken the tetanus and viral triple vaccines for about 2 months, including arriving in Uruguay I'm already looking for a health center to make a Uruguayan vaccination card, which is another requirement. My plan is, as soon as I leave immigration go straight to the habitab to pay the fee and already request the identity card (in the urgent modality, which can leave on the same day). Well, that's the theory, in practice I don't know how it will be, but I'll remember what you said and if there's something else that I can already advance, I want to leave it prepared


I wish you the best of luck! Make sure you let us know how you get on... if they do say no for any reason, then it would be good to advise us what happened. But hopefully you'll have your cédula very soon, and soon after that you'll be taking driving lessons!

Best wishes!

@Stephanie NJ


For sure, I just had an idea, I will create a new topic, I will tell you in detail what and how I have done so far, somehow I hope to help other people who seek legal residence in Uruguay. I will start writing and soon I will post it here, by the way, as soon as I complete this stage in immigration, I will add the details and post it here, I will also document and make a topic about the driving booklet.

Thank you for your attention