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Hello all, my girlfriend and I have been talking a lot lately about moving.  We are both Americans in technicality only - but neither of us has ever felt at home here with American culture, values, and consumerism.  We've both done much research and have pretty much decided that Uruguay is going to be the place to go.  To find...home. 

I have a few questions. 
1.)  We are both young, ablebodied, and want to know how hard it is to find work.  I am finishing up my certification as a massage therapist.  She has some college experience, but no degree.  What are our options, what's the general climate like opportunity wise for us?

2.)  I have a dog (25-30 lb), who absolutely needs to come with us.  How hard is it to find affordable housing that allows pets? 

3.) Is there public transport available 24 hours/day?  How about outside Montevideo?  We would like to live somewhat outside the major city (to save $$$$), but it's absolutely essential that we have access to public transport 24 h/day if that will be the case as I am selling my car to finance the first year of our apartment.

4.)How does one handle the down time between arriving and finding an apartment for rent?  As in, is it best to stay at a hotel, hostel, or are there other options i am not aware of (bear in mind I have the pup with me)?  Generally how long does it take to find a longterm apartment once you land?  I've pretty much given up trying to set it up in advance, as it seems all listings are for vacation properties and such.

Many thanks for any who respond, hopefully yall will have a new set of neighbors by the time January rolls around!


Hello satyrsun.

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Hope you'll get some advices soon from the other members.

In the meantime, you should post your resume/CV in the Jobs in Uruguay section and specify in which sector you're willing to work.

Same procedure for the accomodation; post an advert in the Properties for rent in Uruguay section.

You may also browse the discussion on the Forum for better insights.

Thanks and good luck

Karen :)

Have you ever been to Uruguay? Speak Spanish?

Hello, Mike: I've been here about 4 1/2 years now, in Atlantida - a 1 1/2 hour bus ride to Montevideo, and have an office building with a residential space in it near the bus route, available for short term renting, even with a dog - one well-behaved dog.  I think you'll find that in Montevideo, you generally have to make a long term commitment and pay like a year's worth of rent in advance.  I just require first and last month's rent, plus one month rent as security deposit - $400 a month during the off season, and $600 a month during November through March. How do you feel about living and working on a farm?  Any experience?  Know any Spanish?  When do you plan on coming?  You can reach me at katherinehine in care of my server, oohay (backwards).  Katherine

Hola Mike,
My name is Margo and I’m originally from The Netherlands. We moved to Uruguay 4 years ago and I,m running a language school in Montevideo.
Uruguay is a really nice country to live in, but it is not easy to find job, espeially without a degree.
Before moving to Uruguay I recommend you to finish your certifcation first, so you have the possibility to work in a good hotel in Montevideo. Your girlfriend should try to get an international certificate for teaching English as a foreighn language.
To be able to find a job you need to speak Spanish though, at least at an intermediate level. 
I recommend you to sign up for an intensive course to learn as much as possible in a short period of time and do some volunteer work or book an internship position to be able to practise your Spanish and learn more about the culture and daily living in Uruguay.
If you book a language course at our school, we will help you in finding a position without any extra charges.

It is not easy to find an apartment where they accept dogs, but not imposible.  Do you have any change to travel with the dog and let him fly over after you have found the right place to live? This would be the best. 
In case you don’t you have to find a hotel, hostel where they accept dogs.
There are several options, but you really have to see the property before moving in.
Living outside of Montevideo is a possibility (and Atlantida is a nice option, as Katharina says)  the tansport is good , no 24 hours service, but they start to operate early in the morning until around midnight. 


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