Hey all,

Is there anyone in Bogota (a professional) who can assist with visa paper work for Canadian/ American visas. A mate of mine is trying to get a visa to visit Canada and he was denied the visa the first time around and is looking for a professional to help with the visa process.

If there is a legit company or person who can help please share your information.

Thanks a bunch!

Dear J-Liz,

You may need to think outside the box.

In other words, work with a Canadian immigration attorney who is in Canada -- done all the time in this age of email and attachments -- who deals with this stuff every day for folks wanting to visit his or her country.

Look online for an immigration attorney in, say, Toronto .. who has an Internet presence.


Hi I have a student VISA, (studied in Colombia for a while). But now i want to live in Colombia. Can you offer any advice on changing my student visa to a work permit or seeking residency?

Dear Shimmon,

Here are three scenarios for your legal ongoing residency in Colombia...

1.  Student visa.

Sure, you already did this. 

But how's your español?

If it still could improve, re-up for a student visa for another year .. after which you could continue studying español or something else .. or decide on another visa option.

2.  Investment visa.

Depending on the exchange rate and the annual adjustment, about $25,000 US would qualify you.

FAR of Medellín specializes in offering investment-property packages for the minimum amount (or more) to qualify Expats who seek an investment visa.  You would get a share or shares in an investment in Medellín or another Colombian city.

3.  Work visa.

Obtain a job offer and have your new employer guide you to the visa with the company's support and a contract acceptable to the Cancillería.


I think CCCmedia is onto it again. Might be best to find somebody professional In Canada to assist. There are many successful visa applications to visit Canada from the orient. If the Chinese can do it so easily so can a Colombian if they have the right contact.
I have a Colombian friend here who is an established business man and had a Canada visa application denied.
That really surprised me because of all the immigration I seen over the years from China and India primarily.
Maybe Colombia is a red flag with Canada immigration?...I dont know but this is the second turn down I have seen for no apparent reason.
I am Canadian and not really an expert here...just curious about why Canada is that way in these two incidences. maybe I m missing something because we really dont know the particulars about the visa applications.
I hope Canada isnt red flagging Colombia.

The applicants from China and India usually invest several $100,000 in a property

Thats why the houses in certain centres are way over priced.

With JT in power, who knows who they willlet in and why

I dont know what kind of business your Colombian friend has, but hope he doesnt mind driving taxis in Canada.

Thats what a lot of highly educated recent immigrants seem to be doing

Also--complete fluency In English or French is a basic requirement, Even if you have a PHd in IT systems with specialization in AI with a couple 100 K to invest in a startup

watch out looking for immigration agents to canad aonline. majority are scammers

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