Do I need a special type of Visa to marry in Colombia?


I am a male UK citizen currently living in the UK. My girlfriend is from Colombia. We did live together in Colombia for around 14 months from 2017 to 2018. We are now looking to marry in Colombia and I was wondering do I need to apply for any special type of visa in order for me to marry?

I did have a Colombia working visa when I was living there, as I was working in Colombia as an English teacher, but this has now run out. So when I enter Colombia again I will be entering under the normal 90-day tourist visa. Can I marry my Colombian partner (who lives in Bogotá) whilst on this normal tourist visa?

I understand that the Colombian government/notary do need a list of documents from my home country (UK) such as a certificate of no impediment and several other documents, to prove that I have the right to marry and that I am not currently married etc. I do not need any help with this for the moment, I am just purely asking whether I need a special type of visa to marry?

Also, I have seen some negative comments on some of the forums with people saying don't bother marrying in Colombia, the paperwork is a nightmare, why would you want to marry there etc?! Please don't bother commenting with anything like this, I fully understand the ways in Colombia, I lived there and experienced the lack of/or constantly changing information! We have made up our minds to marry in Colombia and simply want to know whether I need a special marriage visa or not?

Many thanks!

Well good to see you went to the other forum where at least there are a few people who have  abit of a clue what is going on.

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