Buying A Flat In Hurghada


Im new to this site. I am looking to buy a flat in Hurghada but don't know where to start. Ive looked at many websites which only have small descriptions.

I would really appreciate any advice or tips

Thankyou in advance

I am looking as well. I want to make sure I get long term visa before I buy though. Make sure it has green contract and use your own lawyer to make sure no one is scamming you. There are a bunch of buildings that are not completed yet but people live in them lol.

Thankyou for the reply wow that sounds worrying. Yes Ive been reading about scams online which isn't to reassuring.

Im considering Turkey instead though property is cheaper in Egypt.

There are many things to consider before buying in Egypt. I owned a flat there for 3 years and then was lucky enough to sell it when I wanted to leave, but that was very difficult.
I would not recommend buying there if it is purely for investment purposes as the country and economy is very unstable. I was very lucky to get my money back out of the country as they have clamped down on that because of the economy and there are many new regulations now in place.

The latest is a 'tax' on foreign residents to name but one.

The biggest problem is the scammers and also unscrupulous lawyers. Plenty of people have had their lawyer steal their apartment out from right under their nose by putting the flat in their own name.

If you do buy a flat make sure it has a green contract, this gives you more safety when you buy. Many flats have been sold over and over again by people that do not even own them.

It is not only Egyptian's that run scams in Hurghada so be careful about trusting anyone.

I would recommend having a look at Rivermead Global Properties website as they have very good information available on their site plus they are trustworthy.

I would also go to the Hurghada Expats Facebook page where you can post questions etc

I hope that helps

Good luck!


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Hi can you send me details , I’m also considering to buy in hurgarda, my email address  is ***

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Hi Joann,
I found your details on the I am looking at moving to Hurghada soon, I will be visiting Hurghada next month to look for a property to buy.
Would you be able to provide me with any advice you may have. Thank you 😊


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Thank you Gabriel for your prompt response. Your flat is not large enough, size wise. I am looking for a larger type accommodation or a villa.
Hope that you will find a buyer to your property soon.
Once again, thank you

Hi Twinklesox, please send me some details as I would like to view your flat. Thank you

Hello everyone,

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Property to buy in Hurghada?

Rivermeadglobal are a great company to deal with when buying in hurghada

May i have more info because I have a  nice little flat to sell!


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I am from the UK and have bought a place in Hurghada. If you want advice I can give plenty.
Ask away and il answer...

I bought from the English company above.

There are many considerations and many reasons for and against buying in hurghada 😊

thank you,
how large is your place and how much did you payed for?

Try searching in property finder & olx (egypt section) websites. Hope this could help. Thanks


I have an apartment in hurghada I went on the web and found one advertised on an English site, who put me in touch with the correct people, I have had it for 3 years now. It really doesn’t have to be complicated with the right help .

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