Place to stay with male Egyptian friend

My friend and I met 2 very genuine male friends on one of our visits to hurgharda. We usually book into a hotel and go out to meet them on an evening and then return to the hotel. We are going back in October and again in January.
So my question is
Can we stay at the same place with our male Egyptian friends when we return to see them? We want to stay together but we don't want them to get into trouble. Would it be acceptable for my friend and I to book a room together and our friends book a room in the same hotel and one of us to swap rooms. Maybe through and airbnb. Or does anyone know of any apartment/hotel that would let us stay together.

I am not an expert on this so can only give you information based on what I know having lived in Egypt for over 3 years.

Hotels will not allow you to stay without a marriage document. Orfi papers are rarely accepted. If you get a private apartment rental you would still have to provide a marriage document... some will accept an Orfi paper.

Maybe if you rented from an expat you could bypass having marriage papers but you still run the risk of being reported to police and often police do checks in apartment buildings to make sure everyone has marriage papers.

Your Egyptian men friends would and should know these things. Be very cautious!

swap idea is the best

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