Cost of Living in Lund, Sweden for Indian Expat

    I have been offered a position in Sweden, Lund . The salary is 47K per month before taxes.
          -> what will be my take home after taxes ?
           -> How is cost of living for a married Indian in Sweden with two kids, elder 4 years and younger 1 year old?
    -> I am assuming renting a 1 BR house in lund , what would be the cost of rent per month ?
    -> What are the expenses for food, grocery, commuting and eating out. Also, how costly is the infrastructure services such as electricity , water and internet bill in Lund?
    -> My elder child (4 yrs old) is studying in LKG here in India, do we have any English medium schools for him in Lund? If yes, what would be the Fee ?
    Is 47K before tax worth for an Indian to move to Lund,sweden?


Well all depends on your interpretation. I would say 47k is good salary for Lund not getting into specfics.

Tax in general is on higher side in Sweden about 33-35% roughly.

Go on the site called and check the rental rates, you'll know. Water is included, electricity is separate. Broadband sometimes is included. Since I dont live in Lund, I cannot answer more specific questions about communting or schooling. But I can tell you this much that Lund is not a very big city so communting should not be any problem.

Is it worth? I dont know, you have to decide yourself, maybe you are earning more than that in India, maybe you are earning a fraction of that in India. Also depends on your lifestyle choices.

Good luck.

You can find the cost of different items in and calculate your expenses easily. It is reliable enough for a rough estimate

Also you can use to calculate your net income

Yes it good.

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