Living just outside burgas

Hi we have just moved to Bulgaria living just st outside Banevo. We were wondering if there were any social groups we could attend. We are keen to meet other expats and get their experiences of living here. We would also like recommendations for builders, plumbers and electricians any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Debbie
We to are about to move into Burgas area. We have lived in Veliko Turnovo for a couple of year.
In UK at moment but moving back towards end of August.
Would be lovely to meet up for a coffee or beer sometime
Take care
Phil n Les

That would be great Les let us know when your here and we can arrange something. Safe trip over Debbie

Morning Phil n Les

Have you moved to Bulgaria yet ?

Hi Debbie
Yes we are here
How are you ?

Hi Phil n Les

Great news hope you are settling in well. We have settled well the normal hick ups but nothing to drastic 👌Not sure where you are but if you would like to met up for a beer that would be great


A beer sounds great
Where about are you?

We are in Banevo in the villa zone

We are in kitka which is about 40 mins from Burgas
We could meet in Burgas one day ?
Have you messenger?


Yes it's debbie june. Sounds good let us know when.


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