Dear Management, I would like to have this post deleted. Thank you.

Welcome on globetrotgal :)

The Dhaka expat network page could also help you in building some contacts and extend your social network ;)


hey there-im an expat and have been here since a year. Would love to have some get togethers in dhaka.
when could we meet up?

why not join one pof the several clubs in Dhaka, plenty of expats  and they arrange trips outside among other things.
Plus you can get a drink if you want one

Thanks for the reply Kim and Mika.

Unfortunately you have to be a resident of that country(nordic club-scandinavian, american club-american etc) only then you can be their members. and the waiting list is also long.
so, no luck :-(
maybe we could met up sometime, lemme know- kabirscorpio[at] is my id.

Hi- I would be moving to dhaka shortly -and would look forward to touching base with you.You may presently contact me on my email address m_jhingon[at] M

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