Traveled across the world, now in Dhaka

The world is a very small place in which everything is same with a few differences. Humans all across are filled with commonalities, but still we look for differences as its just a perception.

I try to find the similarities between people which brings them closer.

I belong from a country which is seen from a different perspective as well, and i find this my humble duty to work towards a better future for the people as I have seen inequalities and trust me... its not good.

I am here in Dhaka for some work and always prefer to meet new people, share some time together to know each other.

I really like the people here in Bangladesh, and I wish them a great and prosperous future.   


Hello Pulp.

Welcome to! :)

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Thank you,

i am interested.

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Hi Dear,
Nice to know you.Have a nice stay at Dhaka.

regret in delay. if you come again in dhaka pls contact at habibrasel[at]


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