Moving to Bangladesh

Hi fellow expats

I'll be in Dhaka maybe last week of August

I'm a Filipino and looking for a job,

what is the best job for expat?

I'm 26 y.o and University grad.

How's the transportation in Bangladesh?

Could I simply wear jeans and shirt?

Hope to meet you soon:D

Welcome to Bangladesh.  Can't tell you anything about job, search in the jobs section.

Transportation in Dhaka is not very good, anyway you will get used to.

Yes you can wear jeans and shirt, not only expats, some locals wear it too. A lot of expats that i have seen wear salwar kamiz  and they look good :)

Hello Jewelicious.

For the job, you can try to post an advert in the Jobs in Dhaka section. It could help. :)

All the best,

Thanks A.21may
I'll try to search about salwar kamiz thanks for your comment it helps:)

Hi Aurélie

thanks i will do it :)


Hey Jewel,

Jeans and top is fine.. People do get a bit funny about bare legs tho so as long as those are covered you should be ok.. If u don't speak Bengali it might be a bit tricky to get around by rickshaw or baby taxis but you could give it a go..

Good Luck :)

In Dhaka, you can find many buying house and international company. It depends on your expertise in specific sector. In other words, If your english is good you can work in english medium school, international organisations.Foreigners  are allowed to work here in Bangladesh.

Let me know if you would like to do so.

As a member of this blog it is my pleasure to help you.
Before coming to Dhaka, please inform me in advance so that I can arrange one for you.

Cell: +8801711501345
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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