Anyone there from German in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Hi everyone.

I want to make some friends. I live in Dhaka. I like to meet new people. Specially I like know people from different countries and be friends with them. I have a dream that I will have at least one friend in every country of the world. Can we be friends??

If you think yes. Add me on Facebook or add me on skype: murad_6699

I think your message is better placed in the Bangladesh forum (to find foreigners living in Dhaka), or in the General forum (to get to know people from many countries).

Thank you beppi :)

Where are you from???

Germany. Look at the "path" under my posts.
You are welcome to complete your path as well!

Hi murad.6699,

Welcome to :)

Please note that your post is now on the Dhaka Forum :)

Thank you

Maximilien Team

Thanks dude :)

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