Anyone up for a cup of coffee?

Hello there,

I moved to Dhaka five months ago from Canada and am looking to meet new people!

Recently found myself incredibly missing the kind of company I had back in Canada, so would be delighted to meet some expats living in the city!

If anyone is interested in getting together for coffee, send me a message! :)



Hey I am interested for a cup of coffee.

Hi everyone,

[at]ipu - would like to inform that this is not a dating website.

Thank you

Hey I am interested for a cup of coffee. please advise details

Bonjur Alisha
                       Parlez-vous français? If you don't we can go with English. I am in same situation as you are.I live in Dhanmondi.where are you located? I would like to  hang out and do things.lets chat over the phone  then we'll take it from let me know think.Ami banglao pari,jehetu ami bangali. :|

How are you?
It could be nice to have coffee with you
waiting for your reply
last 2 weeks i was in Gulshan but now moved to Tokyo,
July i will be in Dhaka again,hope to see during that time

Hi there
                  Where are you located? i am in Dhanmondi.But i can meet you anywhere in Dhaka.i am new here as well.if you have whatsapp or wechat let connect.then we'll go from that is all for now and hope hearing from you soon

hi there
               i didn't see your msg till today. so yah send me privet Msg on my time you are in Bangladesh we can meet for a coffee or that is all for now  and hope to hear from you soon

Hi Alisha,

I know I am bit late in responding to your message, however, if you are here in Bangladesh, I would love to meet you and have coffee with you. About myself, I am not an expat, I am working in a MNC as a HR Professional. We may know about ourselves in details once we meet. Let me know in case you are interested.

HI Alisa,
I think by this time you already got lot of company. if not you can contact me. I like to make friend with straingers!


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