Relocating from Dubai - Can I bring my Car?

Hello Guys,

I am relocating to Bahrain from Dubai and would like to get your invaluable advice on the following:

1) Can I bring my Car from Dubai? If so, are there companies who can assist in driving it through and registration in Bahrain?
2) as it’s within GCC, is the process straightforward?
3) Now the tricky bit - Will the warranty I have with Ford / Infinity be applicable in Bahrain or will that be void? What about the service package?

Appreciate your response.

Thanks in advance.

1) Yes.  I don't know of a company that does it end from end.  One company can assist in export from UAE and bringing it to Bahrain but then another agent would be needed to do the rest of the job here
2) There is no such thing as a straightforward process in GCC :) and within the countries, it is even more convoluted
3) Depends on dealer & car.  For the higher end cars, the warranty works GCC wide. Service package is another thing entirely.  However, quite a few dealers have UAE contacts and can arrange something but not a guarantee

Personally it is not worth bringing the car over except in few situations.

Thanks XTang. I did a bit of enquiries and found that both cars warranties and service packages will be valid in Bahrain. What I need to find out about is customs import duties which is 5% of value as assessed by them and cost and process of registration and insurance.

Hi eddy,

Were you able to bring your car from Dubai. I have the same questions you had one year back🙂. Please let me know.


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