Job offer from an MNC in Copenhagen

Hi All,

First and foremost let me apologise for the lengthy post. But help from you all on the below mentions points would really help me in taking a very important decision of my life !

I have been recently offered a job in Copehangen. With 600000 ddk salary and 11+4% pension and an annual bonus. They have offered an accomodation for the 1st one month too. 
In your opinion,
1. how good is the offer?
2. Is one month enough to find a decent accomodation in Copenhagen?

I will be moving with my spouse and 4 year old child. I recently read somewhere that in Denmark, formal education does not start before the age of 6 and children younger than 6 go to kindergarten usually for which one needs to pay a fee. Can someone please shed some more light on this topic as in India a child starts his/her schooling from the age of 3 and is expected to know basics like reading and writing letters and numbers by the age of 5. Also, what is usually the medium if communication in kindergarten? Is it Danish? If so then my kid may have a hard time there.

The company has agreed to provide a visa for 2 years only. So my next question is how easy or difficult  it is to get a visa extension ? The reason i ask this is because, currently i do have a job offer from Canada too and there i am sure that if I continue to work for a year , i will be eligible for a PR.

However, now that i have a job offer from  Denmark too,i want to know how easy or tough it is to get a PR in Denmark. Has anyone got a PR after 4 years( On fulfilling all 4 supplementary requirements along with the basic requirements)  or is anyone indending to apply for a Pr ? how has the journey been  so far?


SRT Rohi.

Hi SRT Rohi

1. The pay is absolutely good.

2. One month to find a housing isn't a long time. I would say they should find a temporary housing for you for the first three months.

It would be very valuable if the company would help you to find a housing. Make this a part of the negotiations. To find a housing may be a problem, and you shall be prepared to pay 11-12,000 kroner a month plus utilities as only new apartments will be within reach.

3. Children who turns 5 in the calendar year starts at school in August. The first class is called kindergarten class or 0. class. This class will start introducing the children for the real teaching. … veklassen#
As far as I know they also introduce the children to English which be part of the school schedule from 1. class.
The language will be Danish unless you can get a place for him/her in an international school. Most of the international schools are in the Copenhagen area.

4. Regarding prolonging of the work permit and PR … tilladelse … -extension

As always, I would contact the authority to be quite sure: … on-Service

I hope some of the expats on this forum can add a little about their experiences.


Thanks a lot Nellie !! Appreciate your help.
The company has indeed offered to help find accommodation. That you mentioned about new appartments, can you name a few areas please where one can find accommodation, just so that I can do a little bit of googling.

My daughter has just turned  4 this month. I read somewhere that kids this age usually go to full day kindergarten for which one needs to pay a fee. Also have heard of expat schools, but not sure of the system for kids this age.
If anybody in this forum has had an experience with schools for children this age, would like to hear from you about your and your child’s experience.

As an example Ballerup municipality charges 1.851 kroner for a full time kindergarten place plus 603 kroner for the meals.

Prices change from municipality to municipality. Some municipalities offer also half time places, others not.

Take a look here. Else make a search for ledige lejligheder lejeboliger. … yAQAvD_BwE
/Nellie … qsQAvD_BwE … sjaelland/ … -og-omegn/ … gby/729933

Nordea is a bank. The apartments you find on the other links are private persons who use the sites for advertising their own housing. As always don't believe everything before signing and paying.

Start with above sites. Just to give you an impression.

Thanks Nellie for sharing the links.
Details shared by you have been a great help !

Since you are planning on PR and a long term stay, i would recommend you to go for Canada.

It is very hard to pass danish exam level 3 and satisfy all supllementary requirements to get PR in 4.5 years.

Hi Densen

Thanks for responding.. wanted to know if you have had a personal experience of appearing for any of the Danish language test. If so how has the experience been?

Hi Srt,

Yes, i have passed that exam, but the language is difficult to master.

You will be provided free classes to learn the language. In fast track it will take atleast a year to complete all 5 modules, considering you pass all modules in fist attempt. If you pass all, you will be paid exam fees also for the danish exam.

Slow track takes much longer time.

To qualify for PR after 4.5 years, you have to pass Danish Level 3, which is more difficut. This is apart from other qualifications.

A little correction: The language courses are no longer free. You'll have to pay 2,000 kroner per module by July 2018. There will still be a deposit of 1,250 kroner.


With your guidance and help I am getting to know a lot of things.. Your response are much appreciated ..!!

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