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I will be starting my employment in Berlin in Aug, 2018. My workplace is in Friedrichshine district, zip 10243. I am searching for a studio apartment near by this address, I will be using this apartment for my registration as citizen for my work permit application. I tried thehomelike, wunderflats etc and found they are very expensive. Can some one please help me with suggestions or references to find apartments at best price.


Friedrichshine is in very much demand for accommodations at the moment, so it's not easy to find an apartment there and also it's quite expensive. You said it's very expressive, so What is your budget like?
In order to get an apartment here in Berlin, one needs to be employed and have a sustainable income. You will also need a credit rating from the rating Agency. I recommend you to find a flatshare, until you find something more permanent. It could take a few months before you find an apartment due to shortage and bureaucracy in Berlin. You also need to visit personally and inspect the Appartments you apply for, unfortunately that's how it works in Germany. Good luck.

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As Shezleen mentioned above, you should be present in Berlin and personally visit available apartments and meet landlords to find a permanent place to stay. It is impossible to do that from abroad.
Therefore, you should arrange for temporary accommodation for the initial period (at least several weeks, better two to three months). Yes, these short-term apartments are very expensive, but unfortunately there is no alternative.

Thanks for replies.

Does sharing flat address can be used for citizen registration? My budget is around 800.
I am fine with around 30 min travel to my workplace. Are there any better options other friedrichshine? How about Mitte?.


You must register where you live. If you live in a shared flat, of course you can register there.
Fiedrichshain and Mitte are the most central (and expensive) parts of Berlin. You should also look elsewhere (and junk your short commute requirement, which is unrealistic with a limited rental budget).

You have a couple of options.

WG-Gesucht. - very competitive but cheaper.
Try and check some fbook groups.

Or like you said there are some short-term expensive solutions.
Like Wunderflats ( or Crocodilian (
More expensive, but sometimes a good solution to get started.

It's very hard to find a place. I recommend getting all the documents needed, and of course it's always easier in person to seal the deal.


Is it not required to have the rent agreement on my name for city registration? If I choose shared flats, it may not be possible to use the address for city registration, is n't it?

You have to register where you live. Plenty of Germans live in shared flats and do that. Here is how:
To register, you have to show not a rental contract, but a form (called “Wohnungsgeberbescheinigung”) filled by your landlord, who must sign it (by law).
If your landlord does not want to sign it (and you, understandably, don’t want to go to court to force him/her), just ask one of your flatmates to sign it (e.g. the main tenant), that is also o.k.

Basically you need a sublease form signed by the person who is renting the apartment, in other words your flatmate who actully rents the apartment from the landlord needs to sign the form. It's a simple procedure, don't worry, you can even download that form online. Just make sure you register once you get in and not too late, that's all which matters, it doesn't matter if your staying in a flatshare or a more permanent place of your own renting.

suggest eng web for accommodation at Deutschland

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suggest eng website  for accommodation at Deutschland

chandrashekhar patil :

suggest eng web for accommodation at Deutschland

What is that supposed to mean?

chandrashekhar patil :

suggest eng web for accommodation at Deutschland

One needs a German site to find accommodation in Germany other than hotels. I don't know if any of the major sites would also be in English - why should they be? If one is going to live in Germany then they will have to find strategies to get along with the language - including figuring out such sites

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