Schools for children aged 6-14

Hi all, currently living in Ireland & planning our move to Lyon. We lived there back in 2008-10. The children don’t speak French so wondering what are the options for schools. This will be a permanent move so a school that will help them to speak French but that would also allow for them needing extra French lessons perhaps could work or what are your suggestions? Has anyone been in similar situation? Thanks in advance

Hi Lisa, I got the same question a year ago when relocating to Lyon from the USA, my daughter does not speak French (I do) so I looked everywhere and visited the International Public school of Lyon, (FYI: Only Free while elementary, tho) If your children will attend the English section to learn French then the fee to enroll is 2,000 EUR per child. They have many languages and it certainly looks like the University campus with so much diversity, another important point is that testing is scheduled one year prior to being able to enroll due to the high demand of non-french speaking children.  So chances; here is the link of the school in case you haven't already find it _ Personally as an international teacher I can only add that it all depends about the age of your kids and their personalities;

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