English Teaching Job

Looking for a part-time job teaching english!!

I spoke with a gentleman the other day..he is looking for full time English teachers. No experience bit college degree is needed.

Dear J-Liz,

Contact Glen Galindo of Minga House.  He is an expat.com member in Chinchiná near Manizales.

Glen posted that he can place Expats in teacher positions in various places in La República.

You can send him a PM message via his handle, glengalindo ....

  -- cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño


Thank you for your response, I do not have a college degree I am studying spanish at the National University of Colombia. To get a job here it´s all word of mouth. Thank you!


Thank you for response, does this person have a contact info??

Contact Glen at his handle, glengalindo, via PM messaging.

Methods to access PM messaging.....

1.  Click on member's picture/avatar at one of his posts when available.  Then click on Send a Message.

2.  If post is not available for the member, click on FAQ option below and scroll down to How to Send a Personal Message.

3.  If all else fails, seek assistance from the Home Office, by clicking Report at the top of any post .. and explain on the drop-down menu whom you are attempting to contact.


I agree with ccc that glenalindo can prob help you out.

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