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I'm thinking of moving from Manchester to the countryside near Valencia with my dogs. I particularly like the look of Lliria but have been told that it gets very cold there. I don't mind the cold, happy with snow, as long as its not for too long or too damp and cloudy. I'm bored of  being trapped indoors due to rain and cleaning mud off my very energetic dogs. I was also wondering if its windy as that isn't clear from the annual weather charts? Also I like to be sociable, meet up for dog walks, go to events, so I'm hoping for a friendly community. From looking on MeetUp it seems that there is lots of  interesting stuff going on in Valencia. Is it easy to get to and park in Valencia? I will definitely be wanting to learn Spanish - are there spanish conversation classes in Lliria? I'd be grateful for any advice.

Thank you, Aysha

I'm in a very similar situation. Visited Lliria in February and it was pleasant weather then - not cold at all. Maybe this was unusual though, I would value some other advice.
  I only have one dog, but love the idea of moving somewhere to take her out in drier, warmer weather!
  Have you been to San Vincente Park, just outside of Lliria? Looks great for dog walks as does a lot of the nearby countryside.
  I would also want to travel into Valencia, but have no idea about parking, we took the metro line.


Yes, that was my thinking, though I am a little worried about scorpions. I have just arrived in Valencia on a recce so not been anywhere yet. When are you thinking of moving? My two are used to meeting their friends everyday in the park in the UK, so I would definitely be up for meeting friendly dogs and humans.

Dear Aysha,
I don't know anything about scorpions, but have read about those deadly caterpillars and certain mosquitoes which can cause a fatal illness in dogs. It's probably safer to keep our dogs in the UK - just a risk, I guess. One factor to be cautious about.
We're going to rent somewhere in Spain from the early autumn and explore the area to find out more. I know Lliria is somewhere we would need to learn Spanish. I'm still trying to find out information on which areas and urbanisations might offer a friendly environment.
  We love Valencia - I hope you do too! Keep in touch with your news and plans - I will do.


I have moved to lliria a year to the day I love It.  I live in a place that is about 6 km out of the town, in a little community the houses are great and most people have dogs, There are great country walks, rides, and drives, 25 mins to drive to Valencia City, 8 min drive to Lliria town.  If you need help I can put you in touch with a great inexpensive lawyer ( who I discovered after I spend 1000's on an Irish lawyer who was so slow and almost made us lose out on our house. lol) AND THE AGENCY WE USED TO BUY OUR HOME IS A PROPER AGENCY NOT THE CROOKS AT MANY ARE.



Thank you. Yes. Any advice or contacts would be great. I have found a gorgeous property North of Lliria which I am very tempted by. Llicasa are the estate agents.

Dear Valery,

Thank you so much for making contact and giving such helpful, positive advice.
It's good to hear that the area is ideal for country walks and keeping a dog.
We may very well be in touch again soon - especially for the name of the lawyer you recommend!

David and Mark

Hi David & Mark,

I did some more reading about the caterpillars. It seems that in the Valencia area, they do a lot of work to get rid of them.

Found my house :) how is it going for you?


Hi Aysha,

You've found your house! Fantastic news. Please tell me more!
Were you impressed with Valencia?

That's good about the caterpillars. It does sound like an ideal area to walk dogs and lead a generally healthy lifestyle.

We keep looking at properties for sale on line. There seem a lot, and very reasonable prices. We need to get out there again and do some more exploring.


Hi David,

I didn't manage to see much of Valencia as I took my 75 year old Dad with me and I misjudged how fit he was! But we really liked Lliria. All the Spanish people we met were really friendly and didn't mind my appalling Spanish. They would then speak English to me and apologise that they weren't better at it. We also visited Olocau which was very pretty. The place where we stayed was offering us free drinks. I don't know if there is racism there, but my Dad's a different colour from me and no-one made us feel uncomfortable - which is definitely something I have experienced elsewhere around the world. They seemed to like the fact i was with my Dad, which I guess fits with their more family orientated culture. My biggest concern is that it is very dry. I'm used to Manchester.

I'll PM you, if I can, with more details about the house once I have the deposit down and its definitely going ahead. I am using Llicasa as the estate agents. They are spanish with an English woman working for them. They came across as straight forward.

Good luck with your house hunting,


"I'm in a very similar situation. Visited Lliria in February and it was pleasant weather then - not cold at all. Maybe this was unusual though"

There were a few nice days in February this year but overall this was one of the worst winters in Valencia for decades we're being told, so if you found this pleasant, it only gets better from here.  ;)

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