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I am thinking of moving myself and my family to Valencia Spain. We are an American family and looking for a great family friendly district / neighborhood in Valencia Spain. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. We would love to live close to the beach. I was thinking of having my 3 kids attend the American School in Valencia. Where have others placed their school aged kids in Valencia Spain's schools? My kids are fluent in English but have very limited Spanish. 



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Can anyone recommend a real estate agent in Valencia Spain? :)

Hi Victor,

You may also have a look at this article: Accommodation in Spain. It might help you.

Hi victor one thing to take into mind here is that the schools in Valencia teach mainly in Spanish but if you go to any towns just outside Valencia the schools tend to teach in Valenciano. My daughter is being taught in valenciano whist trying to learn Spanish hopefully this will not be a problem for her because she is only 3 and children's minds at that age are built for languages.

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I think is better if your kids go to an english school so they can understand the teacher and meet kids that are fluent in english.

Hispano is very good, but i like more el plantio, british school or Cambridge.


The American School is a good one. Nearest nice place to live by the beach is probably Port Saplaya, just 5 minutes from the city of Valencia.
Good luck

Do not trust any Estate Agent here (English or Spanish).  They have their own interests in mind and if you remember that, you should be OK

You only have to look at bank repossessed properties and how they are proposing to get rid of those makes you shudder. Estate Agents here are rubbing their hands, if they can get rid of one of those, the banks do all the paper work and the estate agent gets their commission - luvly jubbly.

We ordinary people who have a property to sell to upmarket in the city are not getting look in.

People are being asked to take their prices down (not us) to an unfair price but having to compete with bank properties. What they don't tell you is that repossessed properties sometimes (not always) have utilities/management fees still unpaid.  Its a mine field.  We will wait it out or die of old age in the process.

Wish we hadn't come to this part of Spain but then we would have chosen Greece and that would have been a worse mess.

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