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I was wondering if there is anyone here living in Cullera, or who knows it well? We are UK expats currently living in Porto, Portugal but planning to move to Valencia later in the year. We visited Cullera for the first time on a trip last week and fell in love with it, but we'd like to know a bit more about it before we get too excited!



I live in a village nearby and go to Cullera for a nice walk in the winter along the promenade and most thursdays to the market, other than that I don't know the people or the area.

However, in the summer it is unbelievably busy - the promenade is awful to walk along and the market also. Personally i wouldn't like to live there permanently. Although they have a Lidl and Aldi lol and sometimes if I get to know, they have some lovely piano recitals.  Sorry to be negative

Thanks for your reply, Barnie. We live by the beach in Porto so I know what you mean about the crowds on the prom in the Summer ... interesting to know it's the same there! My wife loves Lidl though so that's a big plus for her, I'm more of a Supercor girl myself!

Hi Yvonne, just wondering if you ever found out more -- or, even, moved -- to Cullera?  We, too, were charmed by it; we were there in February, and will be looking at it again in high season.  We currently live in a small beach town in Delaware, USA, so are completely comfortable with big crowds in summer (that's often what helps a small town survive year round) and like the quiet that comes in the off-season.  It happened that we were there only for 2 days, and just by chance, and the weather was absolutely stunning, so even the paseo was busy with people walking or jogging it, considering it was probably the slowest time of the year.  However, we didn't explore the old village, and wonder if that dies in winter, or if it's got a reasonable number of year-round bars and restaurants.

Hi there, sorry we took another road and bought a renovation in the Douro Valley, still in Portugal. But we're still thinking of Cullera and might be picking it up again as an option this winter. Keep in touch!

Thanks so much for responding!


Cullera is a nice place, and yes it gets really busy in the summer. What I am wondering though is what attracted you to the place over, say, the Valencian capital city?

The main city will be no more expensive, maybe even cheaper, and has nice beaches, does not get swamped by tourists in the summer and has a metro system to get about with an attached airport.

If I knew why cullera but not Valencia then I might be able to suggest other places for you to check out.

We love Valencia and are still considering it (and some other places as well) but, have the following reasons for considering Cullera
-- having lived in both the center of big cities (Washington DC, NYC) and smaller towns, we like the small town atmosphere,,as long as there is easy access to a nearby city
-- We have always had, and prefer to have, good views. Properties with great views are tough to find and generally much more costly in the parts of Valencia we like than in Cullera,, where they are everywhere
-- We prefer to have a small yard and/or large terraces to grow some plants. Again, much more costly and less available in the parts of Valencia that we like. Very available in Cullera.

Ah, understood. I am an ex resident of NYC, so I have some idea where you are coming from.

Weirdly, you spec of "great views, large terraces, small garden" is what we were looking for and found it 25 mins north of Valencia center, in an urbanisation on the edge of Sagunto. The mountains start there so we are up high (cooler in summer, plus panoramic views of the med, a 2,000 y old castle and mountains). Also its a cheap area, as the spanish don't seem keen on houses or commuting. We are within 200 m of a train station, but not on the metro.

Thanks. Will look into it.

What direction from Sagunto center do you recommend?

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