Anyone in this group live in Cullera year-round?

Briefly:  We have yet to explore the old city (and will do so when we're back), but can someone tell us whether it, too, closes down significantly in winter time, or does the old village remain relatively open for business?

Background:  My partner and I spent a few months this past winter touring from Valencia to Malaga, and though we're still up in the air about whether to settle in a large city or small town, Cullera really charmed us. We just sold our house in a small coastal town in Delaware, USA, after previously having lived in downtown Washington DC for decades. We like the idea of easy access by train to a big city like Valencia (which we love), but also love the small-town charm, space and beautiful beaches and views we found in Cullera. Having lived in a small beach town, we're very aware of the pluses and minuses of a big seasonal influx in summer, and of being deadly quiet in winter, and that change in and of itself is actually a net plus for us -- we like the change it brings through the year.

However, to date we've only spent a short time in Cullera, and it was during gorgeous weather in early February. We realize the beach side of town closes up in winter, and that was fine with us (though in perfect weather like we had, there were lots of people out).  But we didn't have time to explore the old village side of town, away from the beach.

We will be back there for two weeks closer to high season (and also will be spending more time in a couple of other places along the Costa Blanca and Valencian beaches). But we'd really like to hear how things are more long-term in winter in the old village, particularly from a year-round resident.  Does the market continue to operate?  Are there still plenty of restaurants and cafes operating, or do they mostly shut down, like those on the beach side?  Any other thoughts?  Thanks in advance!

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