Visiting Cousin In Belgium

I am planning to visit Belgium to see my cousin who has Belgium passport.
He sent formal invitation ANNEXE 3, his salary certificate and family composition.
I am holding Bangladesh passport living in Abu Dhabi with UAE Residence visa since 2007.
My employer gave NOC to the Belgium embassy in UAE and I am also submitting my bank statement with the application.I will stay there for 10 days.

Kindly note that in 2015 I applied for a tourist visa for Italy and I got rejected.

Please advise me how do the ANNEXE 3 OBLIGATION  will help to get the visa under the category of visiting friends and family.

Do I need any other additional document from my side


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Expat Team

Do I need any other additional document from my side.

-> Your friends rental contract if you plan to stay with him during the visit.
-> A detailed travel plan including return tickets.
-> Documents proving your employment and assets in the country you work in.
-> And of course travel medical insurance and all the mandatory documents.

Rest is upto the consulate :)

I am from india i applied visting visa for belgium to visit my girlfriend .she is polish girl working in belgium but after 3 month processing they denied,
i am giving details what i submit at vfs so you can giude me for next try.

->from my side
   leave paper
   flight itinerary from both side
   birth certificate
   salary slip

->from her side
    bank statment
    sponsor latter
    invitation later
    belgium card
    room aggreement
    job contract papere
    six month salary slip
    her indian visa as she was in india in october,

please tell me what i have to do next time and it was first time and my passport is totaly fresh i never travel out of india before
thank you.........

Wait for the rejection letter.

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