Lost in Durres

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Lost in Durres
Robert Henderson
By Robert Henderson
23:36 — edited
I am a Canadian who just arrived in Durres a couple of days ago. I am in desperate need of information. Unfortunately (for me) no one here seems to speak English and I do not speak Shqip.

When I arrived here, I took a Taxi from Tirana Airport to my short term apartment in Durres. (Why did I choose Durres ? Because it is situated on the coast and as I grew up in Vancouver Canada, I love the ocean.) Having said that, If I want to take a bus to Tirana, how does it work ? Can I pay the driver the fare direct, or is there a kiosk where I have to buy a ticket ? (I know it may seem silly, but I have no experience with traveling in Albania and public transport seems to be somewhat of a nightmare.)

Also, as I am a strict vegetarian, would anyone know if there are there any health food stores in Durres where I can buy Tofu and other health food products ?

Finally, as I Vape (use electronic cigarettes) are there any places where I can purchase e-liquids in Durres ?

I really am a nice guy. It is somewhat intimidating coming to a different country when one does not speak the resident language and the locals do not speak English.

Please HELP


Robert   Go to Tirana ==tourist office/Hotel Plaza /  they speak English..can easily help  Register at your Canadian embassy They will help

Maybe a few days too late but you can pay your fare directly to the bus driver. If your really stuck use something like Google translate on your phone to help communicate. Unfortunately meat is a staple part of an albanian diet so I doubt you'll find tofu but you'll find all natural fruit and veg at the local markets. You'd be better in either tirana or vlore if you'd like to find more English speaking locals although I lived there for 6 months and met only 3-4 people who spoke English,  luckily I know basic albanian. Vlore would be my advised place to go sun sand sea and a university with English speaking students
hope this helps!

Yeah, sure, in Vlore speak english evererybody! hahahahah

There are a bunch of buses going to Tirana everyday. You know where the port is? There's a parking Lott with buses. Listen for the guys shouting out TIRANA and they will point you to the next bus. I think it's like 150 lek. Under 2 dollars for sure. You hop on the bus, once the ride starts someone will come by and collect the money during the ride or after the ride.

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