What do you like the most in Albania?


Living abroad, expats discover and enjoy a new environment.

What do you like the most in Albania?

What seduced you when settling and living here?

Share with us your favorite part of living in Albania and the reason why you enjoy your expat life here.

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The best part of Albania is its people but you need some luck to get the right ones.
Albanians are friendly people and you will come with some who will be over friendly to meet you. Be careful from the latter and stick to the first ones.
Food is amazing in Albania and the beaches are even more amazing. If you have an Albanian friend or boyfriend with a car to take you around the sea coast- you will be amazed of such beauty.
I am not sure which city do you live in Albania so I can recommend Tirane for busy lifestyle ,Kruja for historic tour, South of Albania for the amazing beaches and much more. You do not know how deep is the sea until you dive in - same goes for Albania. It needs to be discovered because is the hidden germ of the Balkans.

I wouldn't agree that you 'need some luck to get the right ones' depends what circles you and hanging around in I guess.

I love the people, sense of family, culture and tradition. The food is comfort overload though could do with more veggies!

The natural landscape and dramatic coastline is breathtaking.

Most of all Albanians and their quirks makes it one of the most charming places in Europe

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